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Getting Over a Broken Heart

Parul Solanki Nov 25, 2018
Patience, time and the realization that the grief is a passing phase of life helps getting over a relationship breakup.
"The heart was made to be broken"
―Oscar Wilde
It seemed like you were made for each other and love would never end. Yet,  one day the "love of your life" announces that he/she is ready to move on. Dealing with a broken heart can be painful, to say the least. The pain and devastation seems to tear at your heart and leaves you with that immobilizing grief of losing the person that you loved the most.
However, it is the understanding and realization of this raw pain, that is the first step of getting over a broken heart. So, when the realization has sunk in that getting back together is not an option and you are picking up the pieces of your fragile broken heart, here are some ways that you can speed up this healing process.

How to Get Over a Broken Heart?

Despite the crushing, aching feeling it induces, it needs to be done for your own sake and for the sake of your loved ones. It is of course difficult starting off, but once you get a hang of it, it tends to eventually disappear.

Take Your Time

Cursing your ex or wanting to put him/her in one of the medieval torture chambers will not solve your problem. Scrapping and begging for his/her attention will not bring the person back into your life. The essential part of recovering from a broken heart is giving yourself time to heal and accept the reality without the resentment.
During this phase, do not call or text your ex, do not dwell over things like "what you did wrong", what you could have done to avoid the breakup. Instead, give yourself time to heal, cry your heart out, sleep all day long, watch funny movies, eat chocolates and ice-creams, and write sad poems.
Basically, do whatever you can to deal with the feelings. Please do not just fall into a new relationship just to fill the void. After all, four months down the line, you do not want to tell your new partner that you still love your ex.

Give Yourself Little Treats

Take a vacation, go shopping, get a spa massage, or a new makeover. These little treats go a long way in lifting your spirits and healing a broken heart.

Shift Your Focus

When you are in love, life seems to revolve around the one person that you are so in love with. So, when things are over and it is time to move on, you feel the all-encompassing void in your life.
Fill up this void in your life by doing things that you always wanted to do. In short, get busy. Whether it is cultivating a new hobby or redecorating your room, keeping your focus on other things allows the mind to think about things other than the bad breakup.

Take Care of Yourself

Most people dealing with a heartbreak stop eating, moving around and just lock themselves away from the world. Being sad or alone may ease the pain, but limit yourself about dwelling over things. Instead, get over it and take care and treat yourself well.
Although it may be attractive to drink a lot and just eat up a lot of unhealthy stuff, remember that this would just make you feel bad afterward when you have to deal with the repercussions. Instead, eat regular healthy meals, engage in some light exercises, and practice meditation to calm your mind and feel good about yourself.

Share Your Feelings

Sharing your innermost feelings with friends and family can help ease the grief associated with getting over a breakup. A comforting shoulder to cry on is one of the best ways of dealing with the pain.
However, make sure that you confide in someone who is able to understand your pain and is sympathetic towards it, rather than someone who is dismissive of your feelings.
Getting over a broken heart involves giving yourself time to heal and accepting the fact that this pain and grief is just a passing phase of your life. So, get hold of yourself, focus on healing, do not obsess over the past, and learn to move on.