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Great Ideas to Spice up a Long Distance Relationship

Hemangi Harankhedkar Jan 1, 2019
Don't feel unlucky or sad if distance separates you and your partner. Distance, at the end makes the heart grow fonder. To keep your beautiful relationship spiced up, read up for some working ideas...
The longing, the distance, and the painful emotions of loneliness and insecurity make long distance relationships emotionally difficult for some. Long distance relationships don't work as distance is a factor that is hard to beat no matter how committed and 'in-love' the couple is.
But there are couples who are in a long distance relationship, they are still together even after so many years, in fact distance has brought them closer than ever and has increased the mutual understanding between them.
We are blessed to live in the twenty-first century, which is ruled by technology that eases communication. Technology eases your task to a huge extent. What you need is a little effort to keep the romance and magic alive in your relationship!

Abuse the Technology, Positively

There is nothing new in harnessing the technology for your personal motives. Many couples in a long distance relationship 'abuse' the technology for their work.
Video and voice facility makes the distance a little short and helps you stay connected with each other. You can play games with each other on the web, sing for each other, and the like.

Be Creative...!

You should be creative in a long distance relationship. Do something out-of-the-box than gifting each other the same 'I love you' embossed red greeting cards or fluffy soft toys and chocolate boxes. Yes gifts convey that you love and remember, but doing something else conveys effort and care.
Be thoughtful in your gifts, like make a greeting yourself, bake a cake or something else, say chocolates. And what creativity can you do to keep your relation spiced up? Look at the tips we have listed here.
  • A good idea is to exchange your belongings. Ask your partner to send you her scarf with which you have some cherished memories or ask your partner to send his T-shirt that you like. This will give you a feel of your partner when you miss him/her badly.
  • Watch your favorite movie together and stay connected about the happenings in it. This is really fun.
  • Use the web cam and perform a live song and dance sequence, something to make him/her feel special.
  • You can also make a video clip featuring you as some romantic character from any movie, conveying love. Mail the clip to your partner. This will definitely bring a smile on your lover's face.
  • Make a photo album of your cherished memories and gift it to your partner. Adorn it with poetic quotations and decorate it.
  • If your partner is a radio listener and also likes PDA (public display of affection), sing her a song over the radio. Plan it out with a friend to ensure that she doesn't miss it. Ask her friend to catch the blush on her face.

Letters Touch the Heart

Letters are the best way to convey your feelings to the other person. You need not be a magician in using words as all you need to put down on the paper is what you feel about the person. Your partner is not going to look at your words but the depth and love in your thoughts.
And there are some things you cannot say verbally. Letters give you the openness to think for a long time. So send each other letters in periodical intervals, talk about your day, your love, your future and rest.

Spice it Up through Texting

If you are in a long distance relationship, never go away from your cell phone. Remain connected with the happenings in each other's lives through texting. An easy and cheap way!
Flirt with each other, say something romantic that might touch the heart of your partner, say you miss them, be naughty in your words and messages! This does help in keeping the relationship kicking and working.

You Need to Visit to Keep it Spiced Up

To keep a long distance relationship spiced up you need to visit after specific intervals to enjoy the closeness of your partner's presence. Try to take some time out of your schedule to make a trip to your partner's place. Nothing can beat this.
Pay a surprise visit, and catch your partner's best smile till date! Till then take all the effort to keep your relation beautiful and going. We don't need to ask you to be connected through your cell phone, it is the savior!
Long distance relationship is just a temporary phase; who knows destiny and your love for each other together will conspire you to come together. Many people are wary of a long distance relationship, but, what you need is a strong commitment of love to make them work.. Imagine a beautiful future together and make your relationship a success. All the best..!