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Handling Rejection in Relationships

Handling Rejection in Relationships: Face it, Don't Run Away

Handling rejection in relationships is an inevitable truth if you have been in a relationship of any kind. Here are a few ways of coping with the bare truth of relationships.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Rejection is a part and parcel of growing up. If you are in a relationship, rejection is surely something that you've thought over. However, handling rejection in relationships is not a cake walk and moreover, not something that you expect. Nevertheless, when it happens, it needs to be dealt with, in the right way. Dealing with rejection is just a realization that something beautiful is in store for you.
Face It
He or she wasn't meant for you and that's the bare truth of it. Accepting the fact that the relationship is over, is the first step towards moving on. You will yield nothing if you keep pestering the other person to make up with you. In fact, this will ruin what you have with them and get depressed further. So, get up, face it, and decide to move on!
Move On
So, you've been dumped and honestly, there's nothing that you can do about it. You may think, rejection means you have no 'charm' or an 'edge'. Trash all those thoughts and look at yourself in the mirror. The charm is still enchanting and the edge has never been better. Shift your thoughts to potential prospects and head out for dinner tonight.
Treat Yourself
Treat yourself to an exciting day outside. Go shopping, splurge a little at a spa, a mall, or an exotic restaurant. Surely, you must have saved a little in a hope that your love would accept you, and you could take him/her out. Now, spend that money on loving yourself. A penny saved, is a pleasure earned!
Social Butterfly
Start socializing, more than ever. Go out with friends, change your status on social networking sites, party harder than ever, and love yourself like there's no tomorrow. Let all your friends know that you are single and available. There will be a line of admirers at your doorstep. Sulking will shun your potential healers away.
Love Yourself
You were in love or you are in love, but the fact remains, one always loves oneself the most. It's just that we forget it for a little while, and find ourselves in a trap of negativism. Remind yourself that you love yourself. Do so by saying 'I love myself'. You are the center of your universe, don't let a mere rejection deviate it.
Promise Yourself
Promise yourself that you will never allow yourself to be in fear of rejection in relationships. This means you will very much fall in love again and rise like a phoenix. The faint-hearted give up on themselves, but it takes a brave heart to live a real love. Tell yourself that you will find someone even better, who is worthy of your love.
Handling rejection and relationships go hand in hand. It's true that we find love only once. However, the day that we find it, the fear of rejection in relationships disappears. When you find your soulmate you know the right words would be 'If I had to choose between loving you, and breathing, I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU' as Dani B said so. So, the fact that you've been rejected means that the supreme power has someone in store for you. He is just withholding it and showing you this phase of rejection to help you find your way to strength. Don't get disheartened, because everyday you are inching closer to the moment of finding your only love.
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