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Handling Stress in a Relationship

Mukta Gaikwad Jan 2, 2019
Relationships can be stressful if you let them take a back seat. Handling stress in a relationship can take a toll on your health and also on the well-being of the other people involved.
A relationship is essentially companionship. It provides us with a sense of fulfillment, support, and contentment. To be in a relationship is to have the ability to relate to someone and be understood.
When it becomes difficult to relate to one another, a relationship becomes an effort. We are engaged in multiple relationships at the same time. They all go through phases, which needs to be tackled with different and changing perspectives. It is when we are not ready to accept a change of perspective towards a relationship, that stress begins to creep in.
Stress in a relationship gets in the way of thinking clearly and obstructs the ability to think with logic. Take a few tips to handle stress in a relationship, to be able to deal with it, with renewed strength.

Ways to Deal With Stress in a Relationship

Accept and Analyze

Stress in a relationship is often ignored, under the garb of other pressures. The first move towards handling stress in a relationship, is to accept that certain issues are bothering you, and they need to be rectified.
Having a laissez-faire attitude towards a relationship is the biggest mistake people make. Analyze the causes of stress in a relationship. Jot them down in a diary and keep it close to you. This will help you to observe the patterns of changes in a relationship.

Talk it Out

Talking about your problems in a relationship is best way of relieving stress. Sharing thoughts and sentiments is a way of getting rid of day-to-day tensions.
Stress in a relationship is a result of stress at work, home, or troubles in other areas of life. The obvious frustration at other places finds its vent at home, with the people we care for. In such cases, one needs to find the time to sit down and talk it out with the people around.

Change Your Attitude

Discussions turn into arguments and awkwardness. Harsh responses towards loved ones add to existing stress. If you change your attitude a bit towards people, the situation will get better. One can control only one's behavior.
For instance, teenagers get rebellious against everything. As a parent, it's important you understand this phase, as surely you have encountered it at a certain point in your life. Don't try and befriend your child, but be a guiding light with a bold streak of optimism.

Fresh Perspective

Hectic lifestyles and pressure of life lead to myopic mindsets. Married couples hit this phase within 3-5 years of marriage and begin to think of all the negative extremes.
For example, long working hours makes a rift in the relationship, causing the either of the spouse to spend a lot of time out of the house. This can lead to emotional infidelity and cheating. In such cases, couples may take recourse in extremities like divorce, instead of fighting it out.
Handling stress in a relationship is a part and parcel of growing in a relationship. It teaches you to be patient, loving, and extra caring. Getting rid of a relationship, just because it is a little stressful is the stupidest option, because everything you've done so far, is only for building it.