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Healing a Broken Heart

6 Ways to Help You Heal Your Broken Heart and Start Living Again

The rueful whimpering of a broken heart can never be understood by anyone. Not even by those who have suffered a heartbreak. It is only the suffered who holds the power to heal the broken heart, gather the pieces, fix them together, and move on as an edified soul.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2018
Better halves turn to bitter halves, bringing the romantic liaisons to an inimical end. With an unpleasant taste in your mouth, you somehow gather the scattered pieces of your courage to seek a life, you deserved much earlier. However, mending a broken heart, takes more than what you had ever imagined.
Depressed woman
Suddenly the world around you has come crashing down and you have nowhere to go. Friends and foes, all seem the same. You family can't stop obsessing over your 'ruined future' and 'wasted life'. With all the conundrum around, the babel in your head is only magnifying and it is not soothing your aching heart.
Yet, through all this chaos, a small voice inside you keeps letting you know that there is hope. So, here's how you let that voice of wisdom hold your hand and guide you through this terrible time.
The Conclusion
You've finally reached a conclusion and you are not going to be his sycophantic person anymore. Enough is enough! It's time you do some nursing of your ego and resurrect the squished heart from the other person's controlling whims. So the motto now should be mending your broken and aching heart.
Plan of Action
Healing a broken heart needs a little more than quotes and sappy songs. As they definitely never help. To begin with, you need a plan of action. So let's begin...
Cleaning Up
Firstly start cleaning your closet, mail box, and your cell phone's inbox. Delete every possible trinket that reminds you of him, every mushy mail and every effusive message you received. You don't need it any more.
The next thing you need to do is get rid of is all the romantic movies about relationships and fill the DVD rack with some action-packed movies. Essentially, throw out everything that reminds you of that one person who broke your heart.
Girl Power
woman celebratory toast
Women have a deeper emotional drive than men. Thus, only a woman understand woman's grief. Call up your girlfriends and have a rocking girls night out. Get a few ideas from things to do with friends on a Friday night.
Shopping girls
Go out shopping, party all night along, gossip and vent out all the bottled up emotions. This is a great way of cleansing your system too! Share your sorrows to lighten the burden and create some mental space for happiness to walk into your life.
Social Networking
girl chatting on laptop
You barely got the time to catch up with friends on online chats. Here's your chance. Post work hours, instead of google-ing ways of getting over a failed relationship, try making good use of social networking sites.
Perseverance Pays
Remember that newbie who recently joined your office?? Yeah..that one. You noticed and then let it go because of the sorrow in your life. Now is the time to pursue your romantic inclination. And you thought there was no need to dress up any more!
Love Yourself
Beautiful Brunette Woman
You were so madly in love that you forgot to love yourself. Rekindle the lost love (for yourself) and indulge in luxuries you sacrificed due to lack of time.
Woman exercising at the gym
Go out shopping, cook what you'd love to eat, read the books you've been wanting to read, spending the day cleaning your apartment, and hit the gym to get back in shape. Fall in love with yourself, which was always undermined in your partner's presence.
The Epiphany
You've found your support system with your friends and got on with your life with renewed verve and vigor, which you never knew of. Clearly it's an epiphany, that you've found out how to get over a break up and move on.
Mending a broken is tough, but it's equally possible. You just need some serious mind power. Lastly, remember, that what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. So, cheer up!