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Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 30, 2018
Healthy relationships are honeymoons that never end. Respect, commit, learn, share, and love your love to make a healthy relationship last forever.
To be in a relationship means to be able to relate to someone you love. Being in a relationship is the most beautiful state to be in.
Many of you readers might be in a relationship already or might be looking forward to getting into one. Just as it takes two to tango, it also takes two to build healthy relationships. A successful relationship takes a long determined effort by both the partners.

Traits of a Healthy Relationship

Sharing is Caring
Sharing is not restricted to sharing of tangible items with your loved one. Busy lives leave little room for sharing our personal space with the person one loves.
This makes them feel dejected and often neglected. Share with your partner the events of the day, what was the highlight and the low point. Ask them what did they do and how their day was.
Try beginning with different questions such as 'What did you eat today for lunch?' or 'What were you working on today?'. Beginning with different questions can help your spouse open up differently and help him/her share things that are generally left out.

Earn Respect

'You can't be respected, unless you learn to respect' is the true basis a good relationship. Constantly making fun of your partner by jokes, abusing him or her, subjecting him to public humiliation, and among friends, can leave indelible scars on the relationship.
Respect your partner's discomforts and try to strike a balance. Appreciate your partner's career choices and if you disagree, try to talk it out instead of acting unreasonably protective.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Being honest implies to both, the man and his lady. Once again, busy lives have been the reason for 'emotional infidelity', but the same can be resolved by understanding each other and devising ways of better communication.
Communication differs from talking, as the former includes comprehension and its implementation than just hearing. Honesty will prevail only if you understand and appreciate the person you are with. Thus, an important relationship advice is to be honest and open in your approach.

Promise a Commitment

Relationship issues develop due to lack of commitment which is a taboo for many. It is because being worried about losing freedom, that people devalue commitment. They fail to see that committing to the person one loves is actually freeing own selves from the fear of losing freedom. In this way, one can be more free in thought than what he/she actually is.
Commitment is being there for your soul mate, knowing him, understanding him, accepting him as he is, and loving him unconditionally, no strings attached!
Characteristics of a good relationship, will time and again show that you are committed and belong to him like water belongs to the sea. But the important part of commitment is, that it needs to come mutually, which strengthens the relationship.
Building a healthy relationship is setting out on a journey that will lead you to happiness. The destination may be far off, but the journey will teach you lessons of love, learning, and understanding.
Before you get into a relationship, learn to relate to the person you want to be with. This will give you a head start to begin the most romantic honeymoon ever!