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How Do You Know if a Guy Likes You? This Quiz Will Help

Take this simple quiz and find out if he really likes you.
Neha Joshi Sep 26, 2018
Think he's flirting with you, but can't be sure? Confused with his confusing behavior? Sometimes, you're sure he likes you.
However, sometimes, it's like you're talking to someone else. Is he behaving a bit different or are you thinking too much? Why don't you just take this quiz and find out yourself? You will save yourself some time, thinking, and a few sleepless nights.
So, go ahead and take this quiz to find out whether he really likes you or not. Also, don't be biased; answer every question with complete honesty.
These relationship quizzes help you after all, don't they? In this quiz, all you need to do is answer every question with a yes or no. What to do with the answers is given in the end.
  • He smiles at you every single time he passes you, without fail.
  • If he enters class late and sits in the seats ahead, he turns around to look for you.
  • Whenever there is a debate going on, he'll take your side.
  • If you guys are standing in a group, he keeps on looking at you.
  • If there is a line to get lunch, he saves a seat for you till you get yours.
  • He looks into your eyes whenever he talks to you.
  • He keeps on sending you random text messages once in a while.
  • He replies to every single message you send him, even if it's just a joke.
  • He never forgets to say HI! at least once in a day.
  • He'll pause his guy talk or game on his cell phone if you are passing by.
  • Among all your friends, he gives you the most amount of time and attention.
  • In between classes, he never misses a chance to look at you or talk to you.
  • You notice him everywhere you go, even if it is just to the park.
  • All he does when you are around is smile.
  • Not a day will pass without him talking to you or messaging you.
  • He'll walk you up home if you meet him on the way.
  • He smiles every time you guys look at each other.
  • In all your friends, he'll make sure he never misses a chance to see you.
  • He'll ask you out for movies or coffees no matter how pathetic the movie is or how expensive the coffee is.
  • Suddenly, he may disappear for a day or two and then start being all sweet again (the attention seeking, disappearing act).
All you need to do is, count the number of questions that had yes for an answer and number of questions that had no for an answer. If the questions with a yes are more in number, congratulations, the guy likes you. If no was the answer for more, it's the sad truth. If you see his behavior change again, after a few days, take this quiz again.