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How Do You Know if You Love Someone? It's All in the Moment

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Mar 17, 2019
We all have mixed feelings of attraction and emotions for someone, but is it really love? Let's find out...
Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.

This quote by Gary Zukav says that love remains, no matter what happens.
Everyone has a different opinion about love, but why does all that change when you meet that special someone. Boys and girls generally keep a checklist of their perfect partner and when they are attracted to someone, the checklist suddenly flies out the window.
This makes understanding love more difficult. Most people remain hooked on to this feeling but can't be sure if it's affection, a crush, or love. Well, there's a lot to being in love. Take this quiz and find out for yourself if you are in love.
Is this quiz going to help? Yes and No. The signs might not be the same for everyone. Nevertheless, it gives you a fair idea of where you stand.
When you're in the car, do you think about him/her?
1. All the time.
2. Sort of.
3. Not at all.
When you're in the class or at your workplace, do you often look at him/her?
1. Of course.
2. Yes. I kind of steal glances.
3. Sure, if I am free.
When you hear his/her voice, do you immediately have a smile on your face?
1. Instantly.
2. Why should I have a smile?
3. Yeah, sometimes, but it doesn't really affect me.
When he/she is around, do you start to blush?
1. Yeah, big time!
2. A little bit.
3. No, not at all. I have other things to worry about.
Would you do everything possible just to have a glance of him/her?
1. Yes, I would do anything.
2. Maybe I'll try.
3. Nope.
When you're near him/her, do you feel like it's only the two of you, and no one else is around?
1. Of course, all the time.
2. Sometimes, I do feel such things.
3. No never, I am completely aware that I am surrounded by people.
Do you walk as slow as you can, just to get close to him/her?
1. Yeah, every time.
2. I don't notice him/her that much.
3. I never do such cheesy things.
When you met him/her, do you think it was love at first sight?
1. For sure, I felt something.
2. I don't know.
3. Of course not.
Do you like him/her for his/her looks and personality?
1. These things never matter to me.
2. Yes, of course.
3. I don't know.
Let's have a look at the results. If a majority of your answers were #1, then yes, you are falling for him/her or you are already in love. If most of your choices are #2, then you are sailing in two boats. It's definitely a crush and you are afraid of the outcome.
If most of your answers are #3 then forget it, leave it, dump it. This doesn't mean a thing to you. It is not that something is wrong with you, it just means that love is not really your priority right now.

Love and all that...

Single people get in all types of weird relationships and assume that it's love. It may be infatuation or a really strong form of attraction. Love may begin with strong attraction, but you also have to see, if the attraction survives, whether you actually care for him/her. Let's look at some more signs that’ll help you understand if you are actually in love.
  • The most common feeling is being nervous when the person is around you.
  • You always think about him/her no matter where you are or what you do, and this makes you feel good and happy throughout the day.
  • You care for the person beyond rhyme or reason, more than words can ever explain.
  • For the first time you are sure that all your feelings stem from your heart and are extremely genuine.
  • You can talk to her/him endlessly without ever getting bored. If it's a crush you will get bored within a few days, but if you are genuinely in love, you will remember the tiniest and the most silly things about your him/her.
  • After a hectic day at work, all your worries just disappear when you see him/her or just talk to them.
  • Last and the best one, they make you become a better person and bring out the best in you.
Hope that the given points in some way have tried to pull you out of your dilemma where you are not sure if it is love or not. Love is a beautiful feeling, pure, serene, and divine, almost. You'll know when is it love, and if you think it is, hold on to it, because it is very difficult to find true love.