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How to Ask a Guy to be Your Boyfriend

Don't Get All Tongue-tied! How to Ask a Guy to Be Your Boyfriend?

Have you always felt tongue-tied thinking about that attractive guy in your neighborhood? Well ladies, you too can step into the man's shoes for a change to woo the guy they love. Here are some ways to ask a guy to be your boyfriend.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
He is cute, popular, friendly, lovable ... He is the new guy in your dance class, and you have even shared the dance floor with him. The problem is, he is not yours, and all you can do is sigh and wish he were! Have you often faced this situation? Attractive guys who would seem to be a fun date only remain a dream date! Sounds familiar, does it not? Sigh! Asking a guy out on a date or for a steady relationship is definitely a difficult task, but it surely is not impossible! Ladies, it is time you pull up your socks and bag the guy of your dreams.
A positive step from your side may just pave the way for a healthy relationship. Girls often think twice before proposing to a guy, but the truth is that the times have changed. Guys no longer have to go down on their knees to woo the woman they love.
Women are equally adventurous, and in the recent times, have even proposed marriage to their love in the most stylish ways possible! Sometimes, waiting for the guy to make the first move can be really frustrating, and Mr. Slowpoke may take his own sweet time to know whether he has feelings for you. In that case, if you are sure about what you want, simply go ahead! If you are scared and nervous about the thought, just remember that it's natural. Take a look at these tips and ideas to ask a guy to be your boyfriend.
Asking Your Crush to be Your Boyfriend
Think about various romantic proposal ideas. For this, you would have to know his tastes and preferences. Does he love to dine out frequently? Well, in that case, you can ask him out on a casual date and bring up the topic over dinner. This would be preferable in case you are afraid of rejection. If you wish for something private, why not cook dinner for him? Call him over to your place on a weekend and bake some fortune cookies. For the fortune that is placed inside the cookie, you can write your feelings about him! This is bound to make him feel special. You can even bake a cake and use the icing to express your feelings. This is a truly delicious way to his heart.
Does the guy study in your high school? There are times when you run out of romantic ways to propose if you are not really familiar with the person. If you know some details about him, you can leave a note on his locker asking him to meet you without revealing your identity. This would help to add mystery to the situation. If you want to do something gutsy, you can leave a message on the class board in bold lettering! Or, simply leave love notes in the most frequented places (on his bike, inside his notebooks or lunchbox, etc.).
You can even set a scavenger hunt for him, if you think he would love a bit of adventure. Plan for clues that would lead him to his favorite hangout place, and wait there in your prettiest outfit and flashing a gorgeous smile! He surely would not be able to resist that.
Who said only men go down on one knee? You too can try the same! Plan and make arrangements for some romantic gifts and chocolates, and ask him out on a date to a location where both of you would be comfortable. Once you reach there, hand him the gifts and propose by going down on one knee. You are bound to surprise and floor him!
Are you the kind who loves some drama? Well then, head to the same discotheque he always hangs out at the weekend. Ask the DJ to play his favorite number and before you do so, ensure that you dedicate the song to him and ask him to be your boyfriend!
If you wish to avoid any kind of flamboyance, then the best way would be to talk to him directly and tell him how you feel. Be genuine about your feelings and how you have spent sleepless nights thinking about him! It is necessary that you shed all your inhibitions to ask the guy to be your boyfriend. After all, if he is the man of your dreams, you need to tell him so. Best of luck!
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