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Ingenious Ideas on How to Ask a Guy to a Dance

How to Ask a Guy to a Dance
If you are looking for creative answers to the question "how to ask a guy to a dance?", then check out the few interesting tips that are mentioned in the following article.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Many say that the society has changed, and that men and women are equals now. Yet, when it comes to dating or relationships, it is an unspoken norm that men should take the lead., especially if it is for asking a woman out on a date for the first time. I do not believe in this at all. In fact, I feel that if women have the courage to ask men out, they will be able to choose the ones that they really like. Asking a guy out for a date or a dance does require a lot of confidence and courage. There is always the fear of rejection which remains at the back of mind. Learning a bit about the body language of the guy will help many girls in identifying whether he is willing to go dancing with them or not. Also, a guy's yes or no will depend a great deal on how you ask him out.
Asking a Guy to Dance in a Disc
So, you have gone to a disc with your friends and there is one guy standing in a group whom you find really cute, and you want to dance with him. What will you do in such a situation? I suggest that first of all, see whether the guy is interested in you or not. For this, make eye contact with him and smile. If he is equally interested in you, he will smile back. Check his body language too. If it looks as if he is enjoying the music, i.e., if he is tapping his feet or nodding his head to the music, then it is a sign that he wants to go there and dance.
Once you are sure that he is interested in you and that he would like to dance, make your move. Go up to him and start talking to him. In between the conversation, just casually ask him,"Do you wanna dance?". Most probably, the guy will say yes, and even if he declines your offer, there is no need to feel embarrassed. Just say "all right" and keep smiling and talking to him for a while. It could happen that the guy liked you but didn't want to dance. If this is the case, he might offer to buy you a drink. However, if he does not do that either, it means that he is not interested in you. So, you simply end the conversation politely, wish him good night, and move away.
Creative Ideas
Another scenario is that there is a particular guy whom you already know and really like, and want to ask him for a dance. In this case, since you and the guy already know each other, or are even good friends maybe, it will be a better idea to make the invitation slightly personalized. Here are some creative ways to do so.
  • Bake a Cake: All men love good food. So, you can bake a cake for him and write your invitation on it with icing.
  • Sporty Invitation: If the guy you like is into sports, you can write the invite on a soccer ball or a basketball, and present it to him.
  • Soft Toy Invite:: Although it is women who like soft toys, if it's a red heart with your name and invite sewn on it, I am sure your guy will like it too.
  • Ask Straightaway: If you are really confident about yourself, ask the guy straightway for a dance. Men like courage and confidence in a woman, so your guy will appreciate the same things in you.
When asking a guy out, see to it that he is alone and not in a group so that even if he says no, you do not feel that embarrassed. If the guy already has a girlfriend, refrain from asking him out in the first place. Also, never involve your friends to approach him for you, as it shows that you are not confident. Lastly, even if you get rejected, do not dwell on it for long or spoil your mood. Simply move on.