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How to Attract a Man? You Think it's All About Beauty? No!

Charlie S Apr 28, 2019
It can be a little unnerving to approach a man or come off as attractive if you lack self-confidence and poise. Any woman, armed with the right attitude and body language, can make a man look her way twice.
It is a bit of a challenge to understand either sex when it comes to the complexities of what each one feels and thinks. To be able to come across as an attractive, interesting person, you'll have to articulate well, throw in a little humor, and exude self-assurance.
It is also important to dress appropriately since how you look on the outside, is a sneak preview of who you possibly are on the inside.

Tips on How to Build Attraction

Make a Good First Impression

The first impression is always made visually, where the brain immediately identifies the look of a person with a particular trait; stylish, quirky, shrewd, bossy, stuck-up―these are just a few traits that spring to mind, among others. 
Learn how to take care of yourself by following a healthy lifestyle, dressing well, keeping your nails trimmed, maintaining personal hygiene, and making sure your hair looks fabulous or at least neat. If someone looks sloppy or like they stepped out of a storm, it'll be of no good if you want to look attractive enough to approach.

Avoid Excessive Gesticulation

Violent hand gestures can be a turn off for most men; they're either trying to dodge a smack in the face, or heavily distracted by the gesticulating.
If you're used to being so expressive, tone it down by using your hands to explain how something looks or the location of a place, but not otherwise. It takes the attention away from what you're saying, to what your hands are desperately trying to convey instead.
Also, be conscious of how you stand; your back should be straight with your head slightly tilted to one side, while listening to a man speak―it shows him you're really interested in what he has to say.

Compliment Him Occasionally

Is he wearing a shirt in a to-die-for color? Do his pants look so well-fitted, you wish you owned them? Then you should throw him a compliment, and a genuine one at that. 
Nothing pleases a man more than being complimented for how he looks; it's all about praise and being noticed when it comes to a man. Even when it's about work, whether it's a big project or a job done remarkably well, tell him how impressed you were with how he handled it. Stroke his ego and he's bound to take a little more interest in you.

Make Him an Offer He Can't Refuse

Ask him out for a drink post work hours at a place you're "dying to check out"; chances are, he'll accompany you.
You've known him for a couple of weeks (or months) already, and it's safe to say that you're in casual-dating territory. When you ask him to join you, make it sound like you were already going to the place (with or without him), and that if he'd like to tag along, you'd appreciate the company.
If he's your next-door neighbor or a friend of a friend's, work up the nerve to casually ask him if he'd like to accompany you for a quick bite or drink. If he turns you down, ask him if he'd like to join you another time.
Take a close look at him while he speaks; if he looks away and says he can't join you, let him be the one to initiate in the future. But if he says no and that he'd definitely join you another time when he's free, then remind him again in a couple of days.
Don't insist more than once or he'll feel pressured. If things have to take a certain course, they will; go with the flow. Just be yourself, don't try too hard, and exhibit confidence that will leave him wondering about you all day long.