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How to Avoid Awkward Silences On a Date

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Nov 23, 2018
Avoiding awkward silences on a date can really be tough for some people. After all, it's your first date and you want it to be anything but awkward. Learn how to awkward silences on the first date.
Yes, we've all been there; the first date, one of the most important events in a person's life. There are many people who have been waiting for this day since they understood the meaning of love and what mutual attraction is.
It all seems like a fairy tale, the guy/girl you like is meeting you somewhere special and the entire time you're going to be together, it's going to be just magical. The place doesn't matter, even the food and the drinks don't matter.
What matters is the person who is sitting opposite you, his/her presence matters the most that night. It's a special time for both the guy and girl when it comes to a first date. She/he is never going to forget this night and probably he/she is as nervous as you are. So it's very important that you know how to avoid awkward silences on a date.

How to Keep First Dates From Being Awkward

Healthy conversation is necessary so that the evening proceeds as planned. You are just not going to sit there and stare at each other. Looking in each other's eyes is very romantic, but just for few moments, after that it tends to become very weird and creepy.
If you're a guy, we presume that you would want to make sure that she feels very comfortable and special with you. You are charmed by her beauty now it's time to charm her by your creativity and intelligence. If you really want to connect and avoid awkward silences in between, here are some pointers.

Plan the Date

It's the duty of the guy to plan the date for the gal. Many guys would think is it necessary to plan? Yes, it is! She should know that she's coming out with a gentleman and he knows how to treat a woman. It really wouldn't hurt if you put in extra effort.
Think of some interesting conversation topics which can be discussed. Avoid controversial topics which can spark a debate. Hobbies, favorite films and actors are good topics to discuss.

Pay Attention

This pointer goes out for both, guys and girls. He/she is probably going to talk about things he/she is very close to, and you have to make sure you remember at least some of it. Anything can be picked up and an interesting conversation can begin. Not paying attention and seeming disinterested may create a problem.

Who's Paying

We feel it's always the guy's duty to pay, but if you are taking a woman who believes in equal sharing then at least insist that you pay the bigger half. Make sure you insist in a very polite manner, she shouldn't feel like you are a chauvinist.
Girls don't insist on paying, and let the guys do it because they love it. Money shouldn't be the reason of awkwardness and the rule of the dating game is, one who asks out pays.

Be Funny

Guys, if you can make a girl laugh it definitely means that she loves being with you. If the conversation starts getting a little boring, it's good to make a funny joke just to ease the situation. Make sure the joke is not about an ex, it really gives a bad impression.


This night is about you two and it's a good idea to talk about yourself. Ask questions to each other, just make sure that it doesn't sound like a job interview otherwise you may just make the other person feel that he/she is in the spotlight. Talk about the family, pets, favorite movies, hobbies. There are so many things that you people can talk about.
It's very obvious that first dates are going to be very strange but if you manage to pull it off, you would be very happy at the end. If you keep it simple and remember these pointers you might have a very high chance of getting a second date. Best of Luck!