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How to Be a Good Wife

Marlene Alphonse Jun 18, 2019
Every married woman strives hard to be the best wife in the world. They love it when their husbands notice their efforts and compliment them. They balance work and home very well. Here are pointers that can help newly married women to do this task without getting flustered.
Multitasking is the forte of every woman, and she manages to do it with panache. She has an important role to play in her house. A woman manages her tasks, at home as well as her workplace. The challenges faced by her are many, and in spite of that she tries to be a good wife to her husband and a doting mother to her children, and she does it successfully.

Love and Care

Love is the basis of any relationship. The first quality a man would look for in his wife is love and care. Men like to be pampered at all times. Help him with his chores right from the time he's getting ready to go to work, to probably packing a snack for him.
Show your love not only in gestures, but also in words by saying 'I Love You' as often as you can. It is said that 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach', so cook his favorite dishes without his asking and be sure to surprise him with an intimate candlelight dinner.

Communicate Your Feelings

The secret of a strong marriage is to communicate with your husband. Don't hold anything from him. Just sit and talk to him daily, even if it is for half an hour. It may be trivial things like complaining about the maid or paying the bank EMI or insurance premium.
When your husband is talking, listen to him without interrupting, but don't be a passive listener, lest he would feel like he's talking to himself. You can give your opinion or suggestions if he asks, but don't force it on him.
Proper communication can strengthen your relationship, but that does not mean that you have to go on with your litany of complaints the moment he steps into the house. There is no spice in life without having minor arguments and then sorting them, but make sure that they don't take a wrong turn.

Mutual Understanding

Understanding is a two way road. A wedding is a ceremony that brings two strangers together, but, a marriage is the mutual understanding between the husband and wife. Everyone has his own problems and maybe your husband has had a hard day at the office.
When he comes home in the evening and is not his cheerful self, you must understand and instead of nagging him about it, give him time to open up. There is no written rule that you have to agree with everything that your husband tells you. When you disagree about something, tell it to him in a manner that will not offend him.
Once in a while, he may like to go out with his friends for a party, like 'man's night out' or he may have a hobby, like playing snooker. Give him his space and not to expect his undivided attention, and bother him by interfering in his life. Understanding him even before he says something, can build stronger bonds.

Being Supportive

In times of trouble, a husband always longs for his wife's support and understanding. Support your husband and love him equally, through his successes and failures, and always reassure him that you will always be there for him through thick and thin. Compliment your husband for his achievements.
It is said that 'A wife can make or break a man', so never hurt your husband's ego or criticize him, especially in front of others, else he may tend to dislike you. A supportive and thoughtful wife will earn respect from her husband.

Surprise Him

Surprise him by organizing a party, be it his birthday or wedding anniversary. Plan a night out to his favorite hotel or cook his favorite meal. Take him out on a surprise date, or just a stroll in the park. Keep the romance alive by showing how much he means to you.
With the arrival of kids, many women face the dilemma of whom to give first preference to, their husband, or children, as both are equally important. Toddlers and infants need a lot of attention and may take up a lot of your time, but it's not so with older children.
Be around whenever your child needs you and spend some quality time playing with them, but do not ignore your husband. Hire a good baby sitter once or twice a month so that you and your spouse get to spend some quality time alone. Even with the arrival of kids your husband may feel neglected, so, reassure him of your love.