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How to Be Happy in a Relationship

Dr. Sumaiya Khan Nov 26, 2018
Happy relationships are built on mutual trust, respect, support and a lot of laughter! Communication, openness, and understanding are vital for harmonious relationships.
It's always an exciting feeling to be in a relationship. The most important thing that's on your mind when you think of being with your Mr. Right is how long will it last? Well, it's more important to worry about how to be happy in a relationship. At the end of the day, healthy relationships are those where the guy and the girl are just happy to be together!

Happy Relationship Tips

Be equal in all matters

Always remember that you and your partner are equal in all matters. Irrespective of who earns more or who works longer hours (at work or at home!) never draw comparisons. This only leads to unnecessary fights.
So, always try and amicably split all the work and responsibilities. If one person is doing the dishes, the other one should get the laundry done. Once you establish that your partner is as good as you in all matters, it will help you appreciate what all he/she does for you.

Proper communication is the key

The most important tip when it comes to maintaining a healthy relation is to communicate. Most couples create distances between themselves because they fail to communicate.
This communication gap leads to small issues being blown out of proportion. Hence, nothing should be swept under the carpet; it will only resurface later. Spend time talking of your favorite things, of things bothering you as also pointless banter! Read to each other, laugh together, understand each other better.

Get that spark back!

It's often seen that after a while any relationship becomes monotonous. In such cases, it is best to do things which will help bring that spark right back.
Go for a trek, join a dance class, or just think of some other creative way which will ensure that you two spend some quality time together. In the end, what counts is that you should always have something fun to do at hand. Don't wait for your relationship to stagnate to such an extent that the damage becomes irreversible.

Give each other space!

Any relationship is meant to be comforting. You do need to spend quality time together, but you also need to give each other the required space.
If he or she wishes to spend some time with his or her own group of friends or even with colleagues at work, don't immediately get suspicious or let jealousy jeopardize what you have. Pursuing one's personal hobbies also needs time and freedom, so let that pursuit be uninhibited. After all, space is necessary to grow as a couple, too.
In the end, no matter how much advice you are given, unless and until you want the relationship to work, no one else can help you. So, now that you know how to be happy in a relationship, go out there and make the magic happen!