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Learn How to Deal With an Alcoholic Partner Before it's Too Late

How to Deal with an Alcoholic Partner
Alcoholism is the precursor of many problems related to health as well as relationships. Is there a way to cope with an alcoholic? Read on to know how to deal with an alcoholic spouse or boyfriend.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
You are in a relationship for a long time and you find that your boyfriend/girlfriend is an alcoholic; or you may discover that your spouse is inclining towards alcoholism. Your taunts and nagging fall on deaf ears and you wonder how exactly to deal with a partner who is an alcoholic? Alcohol addiction is a major and widespread problem in the world. Excess alcohol consumption can not only deteriorate one's health, but, can also lead to problems in relationship. So, here are some tips on dealing with an alcoholic spouse or a partner.
Dealing with an Alcoholic Partner
The first and foremost thing you should follow is to talk to your partner about the problem. An open conversation usually works in solving all problems. Therefore, have a direct and honest conversation. You should talk to your partner about the serious disadvantages of alcoholism, and also explain to him that alcoholism will ruin his career and his entire life. You should be direct and specific in expressing your concern for that person.
Another important thing you must realize when dealing with an alcoholic is to not to let him coax you to yield to his demands. You need to be firm in denying his demands. Secondly, you should not ever cover up for him by denying the fact or making calls to give excuses on his behalf. If you think that you are helping him for the sake of love, it is time you reconsider your thoughts. You are equally responsible, and by helping him in this way, you will never let him overcome alcoholism. It is your duty to make him realize that alcohol treatment is available and he should go for it immediately.
Thirdly, you must remember to avoid confronting or making threats to an alcoholic boyfriend or spouse when he is in a drunken state. This will result in worsening the situation and he may end up abusing you, verbally or even physically. The most effective method for the same is to take him to an alcohol rehabilitation center, like Alcoholic Anonymous. This may be difficult but you will have to persuade him. Counseling or therapy can help overcome alcoholism, but, only if the person is determined.
It takes a lot of patience and determination to stay in a relationship with an alcoholic. It is generally very difficult for an alcoholic to accept the fact that he is the root cause of the problem. It is better to distance yourself and your children from him. This will help him realize that it is his fault and he has to change his habits to have you back. Do not trust an alcoholic spouse to pay any bills or entrust any cash with him. You may continue to live under the illusion that they have paid the bills and you may end up indebted.
If nothing works, better get rid of an alcoholic boyfriend or spouse, rather than tolerating an abusive relationship. Many women admit that it is not easy to let go of a relationship easily, they want to hold on for the sake of love, security or any other thing. The spouse may otherwise be a good partner; except for the drinking habit. However, if you take a look at the effects of alcoholism on families, you will agree that it is better to get rid of an abusive relationship with an alcoholic partner. Remember that it is not your fault and you have to move on in life. You can have a healthy and beautiful relationship with some other person, rather than risking your life and punishing yourself for the sake of an alcoholic partner.
Lastly, remember that although this may seem like a difficult situation, there is always a way out. Seek support from your close ones and always keep in mind that you are not alone. Try your best to help your partner to overcome alcoholism, and issue an ultimatum. But, if things do not change, it is better to call off the relationship. Take care!