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How to Deal with an Alcoholic Husband

Neha Joshi Jan 1, 2019
Many women want to know how to deal with an alcoholic husband, as this is one addiction that can destroy a family in many ways than just one. If you want to know the answer to this question, continue reading...
Alcoholism is a never ending problem in many households today. It doesn't only create a truckload of problems, it also destroys the institution of family in a way. There are so many families that fight alcoholism today, but we still continue to conveniently ignore the problem. Every year, more people visit and get enrolled in rehabilitation centers.
Every year, more couples get divorced. More children live in separated homes, and most mothers have to start working, to support the family. Amidst all this, no one tries to find a way different than one, that would lead to a rehab. If you talk about the equation of husband and wife, with alcohol involved in it as well, the entire picture is a disaster.
Many women want to know how to deal with an alcoholic husband only so they don't have to think of divorce or mutual separation. Only so they can still give their children the gift and right of a happy family. If you are amongst these women, here is some help.

Dealing with an Alcoholic Husband

Start working on the problem with love and concern. Show your husband the problems you have to face because of his drinking problem. Take him back to the past when he wasn't an alcoholic and how things were better, much better.
You need to make him understand that what he has gotten himself into isn't going to help anyone including him. Show concern for his health. Tell him stories of how other women have lost their husbands due to alcohol and how you don't want to be amongst them ever. Tell him how important he is to you and offer him help to quit drinking.
While doing all this, do not coax or nag him too much. This would lead to a totally different result. Also give him the confidence by telling him it's the easiest thing for him if he really wants to do it. Assure him about the strength of his willpower.
Next, if things don't improve, give him a reality check. Before doing this, ask yourself whether you are really dealing with an alcoholic husband. A drinking problem is an issue in any intensity, but an alcoholic is a completely different level of drinking.
If yes, tell him the problems it is going to cause him in his social life. Don't be out rightly rude, but indirectly put your feelings across. Socially, he'll be invited to fewer parties as not everyone can tolerate his drunkenness and behavior. Show him the future, wherein all this will start affecting his professional life.
His approach to things at work and casual behavior might make him shift many jobs. Give him examples of some alcoholics who have been blacklisted. Even now, use the weapons of love, concern and emotion.
If you want to know how to deal with an alcoholic husband at home, you need to know this fact about alcoholics. Most of the alcoholics live in complete intentional denial. They refuse to accept that they are in a problem and that they need help. This is one of the main reasons that leads to their downfall. Don't wait for him to initiate anything.
Offer him help by first being equipped with the solutions. Tell him you are not over reacting, but these are the various options he can have a look at. Find out about different medications that can help. If possible, ask him to go through a few tests as well, the results might work in awakening him from his denial.
Also inquire about rehabilitation programs and facilities such as run by ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Try to make a plan, with the help of which, he can try to become sober again. Start being a little firm with him now. Don't be rude or angry or arrogant, just simply be firm.
When you have tried all this and still not achieved much, it is time to take things under your control. You have shown him how alcoholism affects families and you have done your job by offering both, patience and support. Now, it's time to start acting as you don't want your children to suffer in the bargain. Start working so you have more income coming in.
This can go towards his medication and your child's education, if you are having financial problems. Start looking for counselors who can come and talk to your husband. Don't forget to talk to them first.
Slowly, show him that he won't be allowed to stay in the house with the addiction. If this results into domestic violence, don't think twice before approaching the police. This is going to not only help you, but him too before it is too late.
We understand that living with an alcoholic is no easy life, but you have to be patient and work things out calmly. Don't resort to any sort of uncontrolled behavior in the initial stages as this may give your husband more reason to drink.
We hope this information helped you to understand how to deal with an alcoholic husband and how to take care of yourself and your children too. Give him books to read on alcoholism which can also help in a way. Patience is the key to most of your problems as it will give him time to give it up and to you too, to think what needs to be done.