How to Do Something Nice for Your Boyfriend? Take Cue from Here

How to Do Something Nice for Your Boyfriend
The convention dictates that a gentleman has to be chivalrous and make good gestures for his lady love, but that does not mean that a lady cannot do the same for her man. So, here are some ideas on how to do something nice for your boyfriend.
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Last Updated: Oct 6, 2017
Sometimes, you just wake up and realize "Oh my god! I love him so very much!", and there are hardly any words to describe this feeling. You really feel like doing something, but end up getting confused. Here are some ideas on how to do something nice for him.
  • A Sorry Letter:
    If you had a fight with your boyfriend, write a letter to him explaining what went wrong, how you are sorry about your part, and how much you love him. He will feel that you care for him and want the relationship to work. Men really like apologies!
  • Sing a Song:
    I'm sure that you know the tune he sings most often. Practice one of his most favorite songs and sing it for him, or record it in your voice and give him the CD. If you are a good guitarist, sing it with the music. This can be one of the cute things to do for your guy.
  • Write and Compose a Song:
    Compose a romantic song for your boyfriend. You don't have to be a good lyricist or a singer for this. Your song should reflect your true emotions and love for him. He will not believe this, but you will be surely kissed for this!
  • Message in a Bottle:
    Do something romantic for your boyfriend. Write a love letter telling him about all the things that you love about him. Write this letter on a paper giving it a burnt look, i.e., burn the edges of this paper carefully, to give it an amazing look. After you have written this letter, roll it and put it in an empty wine bottle. Keep this bottle in such a place that he will easily come across it.
  • Cook:
    Guys love good food, especially when their girlfriend has cooked it for them. Make his favorite dish and decorate the table with candles, wine, and the food. Surprise him with a romantic dinner.
  • Make a Call:
    If he is working, first text him that you need to talk to him. After you call him, just let him know how much you love him.
  • Text:
    When was the last time you sent him a cute message? Even if it was last night, send a text message that will melt his heart. Tell him how much you love him and care for him, and he is the person with whom you want to spend your whole life with.
  • Frame a Photograph:
    Frame some special photographs of both of you, or some handwritten memories, and gift it to him. If you want to add a personal touch, make the frames at home all by yourself.
  • Massage:
    There are many special things you can do for your boyfriend, and one of them is giving him a nice body massage. Give him a soothing, relaxing back massage. This will make him calm down, and he will love you more for this. A head massage will also do wonders.
  • Shopping:
    Go shopping for him, but not with him. Buy many things, not necessarily expensive ones, but a collection of small gifts. For example, his favorite football team key chain or cap, a t-shirt, socks, pens, a cool bag, etc. Gather all these things and present it to him in a big gift-wrapped box.
  • Cards:
    Make cute small cards with some love quotes written on each one of them. Put few of these cards in his pocket, some in his wallet, and some in his bag when he is not noticing.
  • Pool 'em Up:
    Tell your boyfriend that you want to play a game of pool. He will be really surprised at first, but then he will appreciate that you too are taking some interest in his hobbies. Play just one game and you will know why is he so addicted to pool!
  • Catch a Match:
    Sports are something every guy loves to watch, and all girls have to understand this. Give him a surprise by buying him tickets to watch his favorite sport. Once again, we women can take some interest in things that they like to do, and it is not that difficult.
  • Coffee:
    Make a hot cup of coffee and put it in a thermos. Drive to his house, pick him up, and take him to a garden or a park, or even in your terrace, for a hot cup of coffee.
These were some tips to do something nice for your boyfriend. So, if you agree with any of the above ideas, go ahead and put them to use to make him love you even more!
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