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How to Enjoy Being Single

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 5, 2018
Whether you are single by choice or because you broke up, it is useful to know how to enjoy being single. Here, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which you can enjoy this phase in your life.
After being bombarded by countless magazine ads, romantic movies, and novels about love, romance, and finding that special someone to share the rest of your life with, it becomes difficult to enjoy being single.
Friends and relatives look at you with pity and mildly-concealed curiosity when you announce that you are single and enjoying your freedom. With our culture being obsessed with settling down and living "happily ever after" with a soulmate, being single is becoming harder and harder.
Single is becoming a very dirty word indeed, with people trying to find out if you have had a traumatic experience, a bad relationship, or if you are emotionally unavailable. And let us face it, it is becoming harder to enjoy being single in a couple-happy world.
And what about those Valentine's days that arrive every year and you really feel sorry for yourselves? That is why you have to know how to enjoy this phase if you want to grow as a person and lead a happy life.

How to Enjoy Being Single Again

If you are recently out of a relationship, then you might find it difficult to be single again. After you are done mourning for the end of the relationship and have given yourself enough time to heal, it is best to enjoy your new single status.
One of the best ways to enjoy being single is to reconnect with all your friends that you had sidelined and ignored when you were in a relationship. And because they are your friends and love you very much, they will forgive your past behavior and help you to enjoy life again.
So, go out with them to clubs and discos, and have a wild time. Focus on what makes you happy, and try to do some things that you have never done earlier. 
Go scuba diving, learn the salsa dance, enroll yourself for a session of kickboxing, sing in a karaoke, learn to prepare an exotic dish!
All these things that you never had enough time for, because you were too busy with your ex, you can do now. Being single is not such a bad thing, and you will soon realize its advantages.
Being single again sounds like a scary proposition to you, but it is all in your mind. You perceive being single as something that happens to a loser, but that is the farthest from the truth. To learn how to enjoy being single, you have to first change your mindset and attitude.
Being single is not a taboo, and contrary to what you believe, it is not because nobody loves you. Being single teaches you to be self-reliant and independent, and most importantly, it teaches you how to enjoy your own company.
Because, if you do not love yourself and cannot enjoy your own company, how do you expect another person to do that? To be able to find true love and happiness, and make another person's life meaningful and complete, you need to love and respect yourself first. So approach being single with this positive point of view and learn how to be happy being single.
Do not fall in the trap of feeling sorry for yourself. Just enjoy your own company for a while, and believe that there is someone out there for you who will love and accept you for who you are. Until that time comes and you find that perfect someone, try to see the benefits of being single.
Watch back-to-back episodes of Grey's Anatomy, rent out all the movies you love, and get out and make some new friends. Read all the bestseller novels that you never had time to read when you were too busy nurturing a relationship, and best of all, travel to places you had always wanted to, but could not.
There are many vacation ideas for singles, which are simply fabulous. This is the time to focus and pamper yourself. Take a mini vacation, go to a spa with your friends or learn to play a new musical instrument. The list of things that you can do is endless.
In the end, you have to remember that being single is not a curse, it is actually a blessing in disguise. It is an opportunity for you to explore more avenues and become a better person.
The best piece of advice that we can give is to not fall in the trap of just dating anybody, just because you feel lonely. Try to enjoy and appreciate all the benefits of a single life.