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How to Express Your Love

How to Express Your Love to Your Better Half? It's Darn Simple!

How do you possibly express your feelings to someone who means the world to you? Let's find out ...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Love is a beautiful feeling. Each one of us has experienced it at some point of our life. Whether you've been in love before or not, expressing your love to someone can be a painfully difficult job. If it's someone you know, it's still easier. If it's someone you don't, the situation gets rather difficult, doesn't it? The tips mentioned below, however, shall make things easier for you.
If you ask me, the best way is by doing something special for the person. So, if you are still in college, help your boyfriend/girlfriend with a college assignment. If you are living in, share household chores equally. Cook food for each other once in a while, take care of your better half in sickness, share your joys with each other first. Believe me, for any relationship to work, trust and dependability are of utmost importance.
In romance, we have this strange need to hear from our beloved how much s/he love us. Your partner too has the same needs, so leave no stone unturned in conveying your love. When it comes to men, appreciation is the best way for expressing your love for them. If you are dating, thank your boyfriend for all the things he has done for you. If you are married, tell your man how much you appreciate the hard work he puts in at work for taking care of the family. Make your man feel important, tell him that you need him. It will make his day.
As for women, giving gifts, showering her with compliments, and writing love notes are some of the most romantic ways to express your love. Flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinners―these are things that speak a million things. So, express your love for the girl with these sweet gestures. Surprise her with small things. For example, send her a bouquet at her office with a love note that says you love her. Let this not be expected.
Spending some quality time together by going on dates or vacations―even after you're married―will strengthen your relationship. Taking the same hobby classes is a good way to be near one another and do something creative together.
And finally, get intimate―hug, kiss, and make love―as much as you can. Physical intimacy is all about expressing your love for one another. It's one of the most special expressions after all.
As you can see, you don't really have to rely on gifts or flowers to express your love for that special someone. So, be there for your partner, do things for them, keep the families happy, cook for them―anything and everything to bring a smile on their face.
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