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How to Fall in Love

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 28, 2019
Love happens without trying. It isn't something that can be preached, taught, or learned. It is an emotion that overtakes all your senses and has you swaying you with its enchanting tune.
Te Quiero, Te Amo, Me Gusta Mucha, Je t'aime à la folie ... and with a thousand different ways to say "I love you", the ways of actually falling on love still remain a mystery for some people. To begin with, there is no formula for falling in love with someone. No emotion is strategic, which is why love just happens; unknowingly and unintentionally.
However, there are some who have too many inhibitions about taking the plunge and experiencing an emotion that is rare to come by. To those of you, here's what to do.

Falling in Love

Mechanics of Love

To be loved, means to be wanted, cared for, and more importantly understood. These are somewhat the construed mechanics of love.
As a child, as a sibling, as a girlfriend, as a boyfriend, as a wife, as a mother, as a father, as a friend, and through many other relations you have felt these technical aspects of love. They count even if they are in the smallest or the biggest of measurements.
Love brings euphoria, elation, lightness, bliss, and a sense of completeness. So, if love is the answer for how to be happy in life, what's stopping you?

The Fear

We humans are ingrained with an incorrigible habit of believing in Murphy's law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Precisely, with this defeatist attitude we miss out evident avenues of affection and try to figure out ways of how to fall in love with someone. This how the fear of commitment initiates.
But, an interesting thing to note here is what do you really have to lose? When there is nothing to lose, there is no need to fear either.

Combating Fear of Commitment

What is commitment? It's not being stuck in shackles of someone else's whims and fancies. A commitment is a choice you make (a voluntary decision) to be with someone you love, because the person brings out the best in you.
If being with your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, is going to bring out the best in you, then, technically, it DOES work in your favor. And by this you are free to make or break a commitment!

Focal Point

Falling in love is about accepting the person for who they are. It is about a companionship which complements togetherness.
If you really want to be with a person, you need to focus on how this person in question helps you to grow both, intellectually and spiritually. If you can be what you are when you are with this person, it's time you take the plunge.

The Plunge

It's time, to make it or leave it. The plunge is not some switch you've got to turn on. It the moment of truth you've got to accept about yourself, undauntedly. If you've followed the aforementioned steps, you are ready to be with the person in question.
Confess your love without a shadow of a doubt or without a trace of a waver. Don't worry about being rejected or accepted. It's always about loving someone, the returns are always in surplus. With this epoch making moment of your life, you would've successfully answered the Herculean question of how to fall in love.
Being in love is a good place to be in. Companionship allows you explore your strengths and weaknesses in a new light. It is an emotion which can push you to scale new heights. Love conquers all, says Virgil says. So just surrender and let love cast its spell.