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How to Fall in Love With Your Husband Again

Aastha Dogra Jan 9, 2019
If you want to fall in love with your husband, again, then concentrate on the qualities that you love most about him, and do the same things you did when you two had just started dating. Here are some suggestions to begin with.
So, it's been awhile that you and your partner have shared any intimate moments together. While you do care for him a lot, you no longer are 'in love' with him. The connection, bond, and attraction, that once held you together, seems to fizzle out day by day. A lot of married women, as well as men, feel the same a few years into their marriage.
Shortage of time, trying to balance work and household responsibilities, taking each other for granted―all this can add up to such a situation. However, if not reversed in time, it will not take long for things to get worse in your marriage. So, follow this relationship advice and bring the spark back into your life.

Going Down Memory Lane

Think of the times when you had just started dating. You must have seen some qualities in your husband, at the time, which made you feel that he was the one for you. With time, you may have forgotten or started overlooking them.
But those are the very things that make your husband unique and special to you. So, start appreciating his good qualities, again.

Love Unconditionally

Maintain low expectations and learn to love without any conditions. If you are able to do that, you yourself will find a sea of change in how you feel about your relationship.

Forgive Easily

If you want to make your husband love you, again, learn to forgive his minor mistakes. Most women have a tendency to recall and repeatedly speak about all of their husbands' previous faults and mistakes, sometimes even years after the poor chaps may have committed them.
This kind of attitude is extremely detrimental to any relationship. So, forgive and forget―that's the mantra for a healthy relationship.


Build a strong communication line with your partner. Even if you two have very hectic lifestyles, make it a point to share your day with one another. If you have some good news, see to it that your husband is the first one to know about it.
If your husband is facing some problems at work, empathize with him. Compliment each other often, become good friends―do everything that keeps you involved in each others' lives.

Spice it Up

To get your husband to fall in love with you, again, spice things up a bit. Bring the romance back into your relationship. Take up a hobby together. Plan a romantic date on weekends. Every three months, go for short vacations.
Or, cook together on Sundays and enjoy a candlelight dinner at home. Do something special or romantic for one another once in a while to keep monotony away from your relationship.
Sometimes, a couple may have some deep-rooted marital problems, which can affect their relationship, adversely. If such is the case, going for marriage counseling is the best solution to avoid a breakup.
Along with that, respecting each other, accepting a person as he or she is, and learning to give without expecting anything in return, are some of the other things that are required to make a relationship happy and long-lasting.