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How to Find a Husband

Rujuta Borkar Mar 12, 2019
Stuck in a dilemma of how to find a husband? Continue reading for details on the same.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match
Find me a find, catch me a catch.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, look through your book
and make me a perfect match.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match
Find me a find, catch me a catch.
Night after night, in the dark, I'm alone
So, find me a match of my own.

~ Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
The little moments that a husband and wife share are priceless and beautiful - the connection they have, the stolen moments, the secret looks, the rightful hand in hand, the small peck on the cheek before one exits the room. Of course there are the tiffs and the arguments too, but there is a base of strong feeling of togetherness, security and love.
Many of you will scoff at the issue that the given details focus on and term the question rather preposterous. But, isn't finding a husband a natural process that occurs after one falls in love and wants to be with him through marriage?
To which we'd simply like to point out that there aren't as many who have their relationships carry on till the end, there aren't many who get to be with the person they love and there aren't many who have what it takes to take the relationship through to the point of marriage. So then what is a girl to do when she wants to be with someone in marriage?
And when she longs for that security that only a marriage provides for? And is it really something to be looked down upon this question of how to find a husband? And more importantly is the need to find one, wrong?
To understand what we're talking about, we'd like each of you who has a relationship going or are married to the love of their lives to think about what it feels like to be with your partner and how you would feel if that love was taken away? The emptiness and vacuum - would you be able to bear it?
And that is why, judging the question or the person who asks this question is completely baseless. It is not something that should be mocked at but rather requires that one look at the underlying sentiments of why that question comes about.

Ways of Finding a Husband

The mentioned song in the introduction perfectly portrays what every young girl dreams of growing up. But, here, we’ll be focusing on more practical ways of finding a husband. Let's hope that some of the given relationship advice for women will show you the right direction in your quest.


Socializing is and will always be one of the best bets for finding someone that you like and want to date. You need to follow this very important relationship advice. Visit parties and social gatherings, join a hobby class and hone up on your talking skills.
If you find someone interesting there, start dating and you'll have upped your chances of finding a husband. Internet is another way of socializing. Use the social networking sites for your benefit and make new friends and get to know guys. Unfortunately, it is a process that needs to be followed and you can't simply have a husband at the click of a finger.

Let the Word Spread

Let a few close friends or even family members know that you are seriously thinking about a long term relationship and that if they know anyone who they think you will strike a bond with, they should introduce you to him. In that way you are broadening your horizon to meet guys and kick starting the process of finding a husband.

Join a Dating Service/Register Online

While these two steps are an indirect approach to finding a husband, where you need to date and then wait to see if the relationship is moving in that direction.
There are other methods that have a more direct approach to this, like joining a dating service or registering yourself on an online dating program.
The deal with these programs is that the people who join them are more readily looking to venture into a long term relationship and alliance and that is how they are separated from any other regular relationship.
One other way in which this medium helps is that it usually has a forum where the basic characteristics of a person have been already recorded and therefore finding another person who matches those is easier. Which then increases the chances of striking it off with a person.

Reconsider Options

There might have been times when you were dating someone and you had to part ways for numerous reasons - perhaps the timing wasn't right or that you'll had different plans in your career. Reconsider those options. Why not? There was a bond there before you guys parted ways, correct?
Gradually, those niggling doubts and reasons that led to the relationship breakup might vanish. Of course, you need to decide if you have it in you to put yourself through the process of dating an ex. And if you do then meet up casually and see how it goes. Many times, you might be surprised to see how the sparks fly and offer that familiar comfort level.

Arranged Marriage

Many cultures in the world have the concept of arranged marriages at their base and while you might think that it's an outdated concept or an unthinkable process, let's just say that the times have changed and that the way in which this option is carried out is in no way a forced ordeal.
For an arranged marriage to take place however, a society needs a setup that caters to the specific demands. And this very few societies cater to. But it is an option that many look into for finding a husband.
Finding a husband cannot be entrapped into a single formula that promises success. But rest assured, the mentioned techniques and steps do provide a perfect medium to follow through in the hopes of success. Hope you find what you're looking for...who you're looking for.