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How to Find Out if Someone is Married

Rohini Mohan Apr 14, 2019
What if you find yourself stuck in an relationship with a married person and that too without having a clue about it?! It is very important to know how to find out if someone is married or not, so that you can save yourself the emotional and legal hassles.
With the onset on online dating, meeting new and interesting people has become easier as well as a bit eerie. The reason being obvious, there is no way to guarantee if the person you're talking to, is telling you the complete truth about themselves.
This fact is not restricted to the internet alone, it has its tentacles drawn into all interpersonal relationships in today's society. So how can you be sure that you are not being deceived, and that your love interest is not already involved with someone else?
When it comes to just dating, we all have the option of ending things, when things don't work out. But to find yourself being an accomplice to an outright cheating, is a definite NO!
Not only are these people lying to themselves through their infidelity, they are also lying to their spouses, as well as innocent and unaware people who are dating them. It's a triangle most people dread getting involved with, but to get dragged into this loop is purely an unwanted scenario. Here are some tips to help you escape from such a situation.

Is there a Way to Find Out if Someone is Married?

Ask the Dreaded Question

The most logical as well as the least painstaking option, would be to directly approach your partner and ask them if they are currently married or not.
If the answers they give, still leave you in doubt, then you probably should consider taking a break, the reason being that the basic requisite is missing, which is TRUST!

Check His/Her On-line Profiles

Search online, if there ever was a public invitation or declaration of marriage involving the person you're dating, because you might find it online.
Check all popular social networking sites for your partner's profile. You may come across old uploads about their status and other exiting events of their lives, which may give you your answers.

Check His/Her Apartment

Do your own research. The next time they take you over to their home, look out for traces of other people having recently lived there with them. Though, this may be misleading. Try checking for old photographs or voice mail, when he/she is in the shower or gone to get some provisions or is on a call in a different room.
Does your partner always insist on meeting you at your place? If so, find out why you can't go over to their place as well?

Are You Being Hidden?

Have the two of you been for movies to popular theaters, or cozy dates in crowded restaurants, cafes, and other eateries? Have you been introduced to his/her common friends? If not, you just might find yourself being hidden by your lover, so that people he/she know may not get suspicious.

Question the Patterns

Find out peculiar patterns in your relationship with this person. Are you free to call them whenever you miss them, or is there a fixed time for romance? Many cheaters, utilize their work hours and their business trips for being unfaithful, while the nights at home are dedicated for their spouse and the family.

Meet the Family

Has your lover ever bothered to introduce you to his/her family? Or is the topic sidelined, every time you bring it up? If you've been seeing this person for a while or close to a year, you should have met the parents by now!
In case you have been introduced to them, this is the ideal time for you to approach family members and friends. It would be safer to approach family first, as the friends may be aware of what is going on and may try to mislead you.

Check Government Records On-line

Another logical approach would be to check government marriage registration records.
You may either choose to check these public records by visiting the office personally or you may check the records online through various free marriage registration websites that show the status of the individual as married or divorced.

Seek Help from Private Detective/ Cops

If the situation you are in is a bit extreme, then you may try to hire a private investigator, though this is by far the most expensive option. If you suspect that they may be dangerous, then you may simply inform the police so that they can come up with their own background information, which will clear all your doubts once and for all.
All these assumptions can make you feel even more frustrated. Just listen to your inner voice, if you feel something is wrong, let go of the relationship. You will surely come across a better and a well suited person for yourself in the future.
It's time you stopped asking yourself if the person you're dating is being honest or not, and started to find out the truth. The only concise way to find out if someone is married is to check public records or websites that display these public marriage registration records. These records won't lie to you no matter what the case may be.