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How to Find True Love

Kundan Pandey Mar 12, 2019
What can you do to find true love? Finding true love is more about understanding yourself. Once you know yourself completely, you will automatically have the potential to create beautiful relationships with everything around your surroundings, including your partner. Read on to know more...
When you raise the question, 'how to find true love', you're creating a platform for another question, 'what is the definition of love', which is certainly difficult to answer, if not more complicated than the former question.
Before discussing more about true love, it makes sense to understand this most powerful, miraculous and significant phenomena on this Universe. There is an inherent desire in all of us to love and be loved. It is an inbuilt need in our personality that fosters our physical and psychological growth.
Finding true love hence becomes one of the most elusive searches for a human being. Each one of us is flummoxed on the question is there anything called true love? Does it exist in this age of infidelity, staggering divorce statistics and broken relationships.

Finding True Love

Love Yourself First and Everything Else Falls in Line

Finding true love is not difficult if we are willing to embrace and accept ourselves. It is surprising but true that to love someone deeply, you have to love yourself.
Learning to love yourself is not about being narcissistic. It is more about how you value yourself. How confident and sure you're about your decisions?
Think over these questions, carefully. Do you love yourself truly? As a person, do you have respect and acceptance of who you are? Do you try to develop and groom your personality, to live a more enriching life? Do you accept yourself with all your faults and strengths?
Answering these questions can automatically help you realize your self love. Often we lack a deep sense of respect for our own self which eventually leads us to fall into relationships that are more about the initial euphoria of love.
Loving oneself goes beyond relationships. It is a way to live life. Unfortunately, even if a relationship ends due to some issue, a person who loves himself or herself, won't get drowned in complete helplessness.
We are not saying that a person who values himself or herself, won't be broken if the relationship fails. We are trying to emphasize the point that someone who truly has respect for himself or herself will be matured enough to understand that just because a relationship ends doesn't mean that self love and self appreciation don't exist in life.

Physical Intimacy + Emotional Bonding + Deep Friendship + Spiritual Affinity = True Love

Another aspect of true love is that it is not a need based situation but your commitment springs from the natural desire to stay together.
We know society has fabricated the beautiful institution of marriage and many people marry for numerous reasons other than love. This is where seedlings of marital problems are sown. Many people didn't even give a thought as to why they want to get married.
Just because everyone is getting married doesn't mean that you should also follow the crowd. The decision of two partners to stay together must be based on love and commitment, not just the idea of love, but practical dimension of love.
To find true love, you should look at various aspects before entering in a relationship. Are you both mutually attracted toward each other? You both must have differences in thoughts, ideas and opinions but you must not be so different that mutual co existence remains a distant dream.
You must be physically attracted (romance is vital) but it must not be that you're there for nothing but sex. You and your partner must be good friends. Being friends is important so that you both can learn to share your difficulties as well as happiness.
Lastly, one of the most important aspects of true love is that you both may have many ups and downs in the relationship but you both can laugh it off at the end of day and reinvent the love. This attribute is important to sustain long term relationships.

Everything Comes to Those Who Can Wait

There is no magic wand to find true love. You have to be patient and it may take time to understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. Rushing into relationships is something that must be avoided. There is a beauty in waiting patiently for the right partner.
This doesn't mean that you don't date anyone or you're just closed to any advancements from the opposite sex. Just go with the flow and understand that if love is there, it will certainly find you. You can give your efforts to make a relationship work and whether or not, it is true love, you will be able to know as you progress in the relationship.
A healthy relationship can be considered to be an example of true love between a couple. Also, there are many benefits of being single. You're completely alone and that is the time to understand yourself more deeply and come out as a more balanced and better person.
Many people who want to find true love online must understand that it is important for the partner to meet in person as only then one can understand each other in life. So now you can find your true love by weighing your relationship, your partner and yourself on given parameters.
Talking about true love in the limitations of this content is certainly an impossible task. We just tried to give you a glimpse into the mysterious world of love. What do you think about true love? Have you ever experienced true love in your life? Think about it and find your true love. All the best!