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How to Fix a Broken Relationship

Neha Joshi Mar 14, 2019
Broken hearts are not easy to mend. However, the task isn't impossible either. Read on to know how you can patch up.
Want to know how to mend a broken relationship? Well ... it really isn't that difficult. Three simple steps: Analyze, Apologize, and Amend. The end of a relationship is not the end of your life. Sounds familiar? Well, in actuality it is! It is the end of two lives together.
It is going to make you feel sad, bad, and mad. But give it a rest for some time and clear your mind of all thoughts. Once you have clarity of thought, ask yourself if you really want to patch up. If it's a yes, continue reading.

What To Do

Analyze your relationship since the day you first started dating. Then slowly, try remembering all the good times you guys shared together. Also, try to think of the bad times. Can you think and point at a phase when things started going very wrong?
Now that they have passed, do you think those actions and reactions were justified then? Don't try and conclude that you were wrong because you want to get your ex back. If you were wrong, try to recollect why you behaved like that then. What made you do it? At the end of this thinking session (yes, this may seem a bit technical), you should note down:
  1. Were your actions justified? If yes, what are the things that justified them?
  2. Is it possible to fix your broken relationship without hampering your self-respect? Don't mistake that for ego.
  3. Do you agree that you made mistakes? If you haven't, then why are you taking the initiative?
Now, you need to Apologize for the mistakes you make. Chances are you might even get back after some days without you apologizing, but a lot of things will remain unspoken in that case.
So, make a list (yes, do it) of the things you did, that you actually shouldn't have done. Send these to him in a letter or just text them to him; apologize for all of them. Try this, it'll surely work.
You need to know that being responsible for your actions is the only way; the only mature way to work things out. Also, remember that when you are apologizing, do not point out the places where he went wrong. Just talk about yourself. He will surely forgive you. Everyone forgives a true heart.
The need to amend things is very important while getting back together properly. You have to amend what needs to be amended; change the wrong to right. You need to forget these bad memories by replacing them with the good ones.
Go out, do things for each other, and make it happen. If you really want it to happen, think of only positive things. Stay happy and the person with you stays happy too.
So, these were the things you need to do if you want to fix your relationship. The first question you should ask yourself the next time you guys have a fight is, 'Is this more important than the relationship? Or, are the fights more important than the love you both share? The answers will guide you.