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Following the Trends: How to Flirt Over Text

How to Flirt Over Text
Technology is playing its part in getting people together as cell phones are playing an integral role in communication. Sending flirtatious messages over the phone is one of the trends that is reaching fever level.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
In the olden times, the only occasions that girls and boys could flirt with each other were during community balls and fairs. Since then, times have changed a lot, thanks to the advancements in telecommunication technology. Nowadays, almost everyone has a cell phone and indulges in sending text messages as it is fast and inexpensive. We live in times where everything happens fast; hence, no one wants to waste time in lengthy and expensive courtship. Using the mobile technology to proclaim your affections is one of the techniques of mastering the art of new-age relationships. Learning the nuances of sending the right messages that will entice the recipient in to replying is important.
Never Say Never
Most guys, or for that matter, even girls don't initiate contact because they think that the other person is not going to be interested. Well, let him or her decide that. One of the ways to start flirting is to be bold and indirectly indicating the other person that you are interested. Start with messages that tickle the funny bone. Don't act like a psycho and send a funny message every second; one or maximum two a day are enough.
False Alarm
Send her a message that you would normally send to your stock broker for buying shares. If she is interested, she will warn you that you sent her a message by mistake or she didn't understand it. As soon as she does, you reply by saying that you think of her most of the time and that is why, you sent her that message, instead of sending it to the stock broker.
Terms of Endearment
One of the easiest ways to flirt over text is to use terms that will indirectly convey the other person that you are interested. Send a simple message, which says "hello baby" and if you get a reply, you have one foot in the door. There are a plethora of terms that you could use, like honey, bunny, sweets, cupcake, sugar, etc.; just try to use the one that a person can identify with.
Flattery and paying compliments are some of the best tools in the arsenal if serving the underlying purpose is on your mind. Here is an example to help you understand: if it's a girl, tell her that she looked great in the green top she was wearing the previous day and if it's a guy, tell him that he was the most handsome guy in the party that Saturday.
Pull Phrases
Some out-of-the-box phrases, which can sound borderline corny are also a great way to flirt with someone. Some examples to stimulate your imagination: don't need direction think have found my destination, I got the poison you got the remedy, stop hypnotizing me, morning my doe-eyed beauty, etc. Using such messages will help you stand out from the competition and be noticed. Just make sure that you don't bombard the poor thing with them; be slow and steady.
Sometimes, just sending emoticons without any words is a great way to begin things well. Mixing them with greetings, like sending a smiley face with a simple hi or a heart emoticon with the words "good morning" is a good idea.
Foreign Language
Another great way is by using foreign language in your conversation; this does not mean that you have to learn different languages. For example, you can use "Bonjour," which is French for hello, "Hasta La Vista" is goodbye in Spanish, "Ciao" is Italian for bye, "dasvidaniya" is Russian for goodbye, "Bellissimo" an Italian word for lovely. Try some of these well-known words in your messages to let the person know about your versatility.
The idea is to be cheeky when you are flirting. Don't be obnoxious and send messages that trumpet your own horn; for example, don't send a message that says, "wanna joy ride in my Ferrari." Endeavor to get a smile out of the person you are texting; it is the best way to ensure the response.
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