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How to Forget Someone You Love

Sound Tips on How to Forget Someone You Love Deeply and Move On

It is one of the hardest things to do; moving on after you lost your ex or the person you loved so much. However, what comes after has to be endured. It is not something you can overlook, something that consumes your every thought until you decide to march on.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Getting over a relationship can be really tough for some. A lot of people tend to wallow in their own sadness and self-pity after a relationship has ended and find it really hard to find ways to forget someone. How does one dispel all the nauseating memories and the good times they've had with the now ex?
Leading into a New Life
The task is easy or difficult depending on how you choose to look at it. If you make a dedicated effort at, you will find it very easy. On the other hand, if you choose to keep thinking about him/her and have kittens every time you see something which reminds you of your relationship, then it becomes infinitely hard. The first step, hence, is to be sure for yourself that you want to forget your old flame. As the older and wiser lot will tell you, well begun is half done.
Understand the Situation
The first thing you need to do is to understand that there was/is nothing you can do about it, except to move on positively. If you mutually separated from your lover, you no doubt had a good enough reason to and hence, you ought to stick to it. If you were dumped, clearly there is no reason you need to go back to your lover and grovel about it. Keep your self respect and understand that you have little option but to get over it. If you choose to ignore the reality and live in the illusion of how wonderful your relationship was, you will never be able to forget the one you loved.
Get Busy
You can ease your mind's problem by giving it something else to think about. Everyone's mind has a limited capacity and there are only so many items which it can focus on at one point of time. Keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to get over someone you love, as it will keep your mind from floating away and thinking about your ex lover. Working extra, or getting a hobby are the best ways. Think about the positive side of both activities. Working extra will bring in some extra cash and getting a few hobbies will give you the pleasure of learning something new.
Outside Help
There would be times, especially in the first few days into the relationship breakup where you simply cannot stop thinking about the unfortunate circumstances in which the relationship ended. Whatever activities you coerce yourself into doing simply won't work out for you, because you aren't focused enough. At times like these, you need help from others, your friends and your relatives. Surely, if you've had a breakup, your near and dear ones will have a modicum of sympathy for you and hence, will side with you in your rather rough time. So, don't sit at home and whine about anything. Go out with your friends and have some fun.
Delete the Person From Your Life
A lot of ex's have the annoying habit of calling in after you to check 'how you're doing'. Some do it out of genuine care for you, while others check which of you is 'winning the breakup'. So if you want to know how to forget them, the way is very clear: ignore them. They have hurt you and while you're already taking a herculean effort to restart your life, they aren't helping you along by calling you every other day, reminding you painfully of their continued existence. Chuck all their stuff out - burn it if it makes you happier - and put a blanket ban on your ex's relatives and friends alike.
It is easy if you know what is good for you and if you make a proper effort to forget about the person. Do it right and you'll find yourself wiser, happy, and free.
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