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How to Get Boyfriend Back After Breakup

Ratnashri Dutta Apr 28, 2019
How to get boyfriend back after breakup is a question a girl keeps asking to herself and her friends, after the relationship fails. Here are some ideas for all those girls who want their Mr. Right back in their lives.
Lovely memories, happy times spent together, all that "love you", the flowers, the chocolates, the romantic dinners, the slow dances, the song dedications and then suddenly, BOOM! It falls apart when he says the words that you never wanted to hear, "We need a break". Your world changes forever. He meant everything to you, he was your life but now he is gone.
You are shattered inside. You have no idea what is going on around you. It's just like what Bella faced after Edward left her, in the popular vampire series Twilight. Your friends try to cheer you up, but it's of no use. All you can think about is how to get him back.
All you can remember are the days of fun and laughter, the time when he held you close to his heart and said he loved you, the time when you walked down the beach on a full moon night, holding hands. So how to get him back after the breakup? How to get back those days that you have enjoyed together?
It's hard not to think about your ex-boyfriend after your breakup. After a breakup, even the tiniest moments, which did not mean anythingat that time, will come rushing back to you. No matter where you go, you start comparing others with him. You would feel incomplete without him (if at all it was love). So what to do? Read on.

Live Fully

Many girls sit up till late night, watching romantic movies, eating ice cream, and moaning after a breakup. Do you know what the guy is doing in the meantime? He is out enjoying with his friends, partying, and having a jolly good time. Girls, this is what you have to do too; lead a happy life.
Stop worrying about him, and go out and meet other people. Show him that you are not dead without him. That will be a big turnaround for him. If you see that he is going out with other girls, then you go out with other men. If he still loves you, then he is sure to come running back to you.

Think Over It

After a girl has just had a breakup, she will not be in a state of mind to think about who was right and who was wrong. But, she has to pick herself up and think over the entire relationship.
She should first think about who was correct, whether or not breaking up was the right thing to do, whether it's worth going back to him, whether you really love him, and various other things. Thinking over the entire issue with a clear mind will help you see the guy in a different light.

Compliment The Girl

If you see your ex with some other girl, what would you usually do? Criticize her, right? But, if you want to get your ex back, then you should, instead of criticizing, start admiring the girl. Negative comments would tell the guy that you are childish and jealous, but positive comments will only attract him towards you.
It will be very difficult, but just try it, and then if the guy wants to talk about her, tell him that you have some plans and get out of there. Treat the guy like you would treat any other friend. This is an important step to get back your man.

I Am Busy, Call Later

Do not make yourself available for him! You do not have to be there for him whenever he needs you, you do not have to receive his call always, neither do you have to call him all the time. Girls do this thinking that this will bring her closer to the guy again.
On the contrary, this will do just the opposite. Not only will the guy run away from you, but he will also start taking you for granted, and that's the last thing you want. Do not let him realize how much you want him; instead, make him come running back to you.

Meeting Him

After a breakup, it's not necessary that you people will never ever meet again. You might run into each other at a common friend's party or some such place. Whenever you meet him, make sure that you are dressed properly. Do not become tongue-tied in front of him and show him that you can be happy without him (pretend if you have to).
Act indifferent and aloof. Do not let him kiss you or touch you, but a warm little hug before leaving will make him fall for you all over again.
These ideas will surely help you, but beforehand, think clearly if it is worth getting him back, is he worth all the trouble, does he really love you, do you really love him, etc. Remember, you too have some self respect and pride. After thinking about these things, start taking actions to win back your lost love. If he loves you, he will come back to you!