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How to Get a Girlfriend in College

Nowadays, having a girlfriend has been rather essential among youngsters. Read this information for helpful ideas that will ensure that your crush falls for you.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 25, 2019
One of your man wishes that you would like to fulfill before your sophomore year must be having a girlfriend by your arm. Well, this may seem like a daunting task, but it is not all that difficult to woo a girl. Let's get to know some tips that may come handy.

Helpful Tips

Be Active

Upon entering college, you will find there are so many activities going on in your campus. Some of those are particularly for freshmen. Try to participate in as many activities as you can. This will give you a chance to meet new members of opposite sex.
You can make friends with girls who share the same interests as you. Remember, the first step to finding a girlfriend is being friends with a girl. The campus activities can prove to be a great platform for making friends (both girls and boys) on campus. Moreover, these activities can boost your confidence and make you less homesick.

Be Approachable

Agreed, you are a shy guy, who cannot muster enough courage to talk to girls. But the least you can do is not hide yourself in a chemistry lab or burrow your head in a thick book all day. This way, you will never find opportunities to talk to girls.
So, how to be approachable? For starters, keep the door of your dorm open for a few initial days (it is best if you can find accommodation in a co-ed dorm). You may get a few visitors who can turn out to be of great help in your mission of getting a girlfriend.
Even while attending classes, make it a point to attend them on your own. Do not move around in campus with a pack of your male cronies. No girl will ever try to approach you when you are a part of such a big group. Hanging out in a decent crowd makes you more approachable to girls.

Feel Good About Yourself

You don't need to have the looks of an actor or a heartthrob to steal the heart of someone you like. Be yourself and be absolutely desirable. Although, physical appearance is not everything, it definitely helps is creating a better first impression.
One of the important tips to follow is always try to look your personal best. With lot many things going on in your life at once, it might become difficult for you to pay attention to details about your appearance;
however, personal hygiene is something you cannot afford to ignore if you wish to be around girls. So always wear, clean, washed clothes, and make sure you smell nice.
Thus, getting a girlfriend in college may not be as difficult as it sounds. With the given tricks and a great deal of confidence, you can woo the girl of your dreams.