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How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Rashida Khilawala Oct 28, 2018
Getting the guy you like to ask you out on a date is not a difficult task. All you need to do is use your charm and wit, and he will take notice of you. Here are tips that will help you with your eye-candy.
If you are being haunted by movies of the likes of "Never Been Kissed", etc, then you are surely over reacting. Boys will be boys. Guys are often too thick to notice the cute girl who likes them. Well, it is partly your fault. You need to focus on yourself, before you dream of someone else focusing on you.
If you want a guy to take you out on a date, follow these easy steps and you will have your sweetheart knocking your door with a bouquet of roses and chocolates.

Getting a Guy to Ask You Out ...

... in Middle School

In middle school, guys are often lusting over the high school girls. If they are in the basketball team, they may even get one of them. So, how do you get that cutie to ask you out? If you are making it obvious that your life revolves around him, stop it. If you are available all the time, they won't give you a second glance. So, be a little manipulative.
You need to make sure that some guy from his gang introduces you to him. Which means you need to find a lab partner or assignment buddy in his clique. Then, randomly meet him when he is with your dream guy. He may introduce you. If he doesn't, at least your guy will notice you.
Make sure you are well dressed when you randomly bump into him. Then you need to occasionally cross him in the halls, but not see him. You could even try flirting with the friend a little, but not very obviously.
When your guy starts showing interest in you, avoid him for a while. Play hard to get. This will make him want you even more. Soon, he will find a way to officially ask you out, and your relationship will commence.

... in High School

In high school, the process is almost the same as middle school. However, here, you need to focus way more on your looks. As in, you don't need to dress provocatively, or be bitchy in any way. You just need to make sure that he notices you. Dress well, keep your hair neat. Guys don't notice girls who don't exist. Have your presence.
Answer questions in class, nonchalantly, and join a club that he is a part of. If he is in the drama club, join in. In short, make sure he knows, you exist. Once you have started smiling at each other in the hallways, you have to allow him to see what a great person you are. Talk to him occasionally and help him out if he needs help.
Use subtle flirting body language for the added effect. Your mystique and inner beauty will attract him to you sooner than you can imagine. However, having a guy ask you out in front of him, and you rejecting that guy politely, will make him more interested in knowing you.

... in College

Guys are serious about life, but not about love life. They want to enjoy and have a good time. In college, the game changes a little, but the rules remain the same. If you stalk the guy, he will not ask you out. So, simply be around, but not in his face.
Get one of your friends (who knows him, of course) to introduce him to you in a party. Be nice and yourself. Let him know the real you. If you see him sitting alone, go and sit next to him, pretending to not see him. Strike up a conversation and become friends.
If he tries to be fresh at the party, laugh it off and avoid. Don't give in to the moment, no matter how much you want to. This will make him crave you more. Carry on being friends despite his attempts. Soon, he will know that you are worth having a real and healthy relationship with, and he will ask you out.
These guidelines and rules will work under ideal circumstances. Modifications based on the specific guys will need to be made. Girls are naturally gifted at manipulation. Any woman can get the guy she wants. You are no different. Just buck up and face the challenge. If the guy is really worth it, then try your hardest, you will succeed.