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How to Get the Guy You Want

Mukta Gaikwad Jun 18, 2019
He is the one for you, and you've decided so. The most important part about getting the guy you like to like you back is to make him aware of your existence. Here are a few tips to your query.
Ever heard, what you see, is what you desire and what you walk towards, becomes yours eventually? Love is something like that! Don't you plan your investments to get the best returns? Don't you save up to buy the house of your dreams? And don't you make lesson plans to top your graduation? The common denominator of all these, is, a plan.
If a plan, could make your dreams come true, then what's wrong now? A plan is all that it's going to take, to get the man of your dreams. A little change in the attitude and with a perfect plan, let's get started to answer this question.

Wish List

The initial stage or the first week, you will need to work on yourself. After all, one always has a price to pay. So, if you want to get a guy who is artistic, sensitive, financially and emotionally secure, spiritual, giving, honest, politically aware and educated, you too will have to put your best foot forward.
On a piece of paper, write down your wish list (the kind of man you want to be with) and on the other side, write down, the changes you have to make within yourself. Work on your strengths, good qualities, your attitude and try to incorporate the qualities of your dream man. This way your search will be easier.


Stop complaining about, 'there-aren't-any-good-men-around'. If that's the case, then you haven't been looking hard enough. Grilling working hours leave little room for hanging out with friends. But, now that you want the man of your dreams, you've got to make the effort.
Tell your friends, that you are interested in meeting men (in accord with the wish list) and the rest will happen on its own. Expand your horizons and you will find a lot of options. Venture out at places to meet single men. The more, the merrier, and so it shall be. Try it out!


You can never know the depth of the water, without jumping in it. With options galore, take a plunge and start dating. Don't fear getting hurt or losing.
The whole charade, of dating someone, making him fall for you, being with someone whom you can talk to, taking things forward, is bliss. And if at all it is to fail, it's always worth an experience. 
Dress up for someone, visit fine restaurant, sip a fine wine and get some action. If you aren't too sure about your date, then remember, you're just there to have fun. So, forget about blowing it off. Have fun!

Great Expectations

Once you start dating, know what to expect from the person, you are dating. You may be looking for your soulmate and future together. But all the idyllic imaginings will come to an end, once the man in the relationship, realizes he wants otherwise.
Let your relationship develop naturally with each other, instead of jumping on conclusions and steadfast decisions. Take your time to bond with each other, both, emotionally and physically.
Men like women who know how to laugh and have a good sense of humor and are participative. By following the tips you'll surely find your prince charming. Good luck!