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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone and Take the Relationship Ahead

Medha Godbole Jan 5, 2019
If you really like a girl in your class or at work, and she considers you to be just a friend, how do you get her to think about you as more? These pointers will help you get out of the friend zone.
Does the fact that the person you love considers you just as a good friend, and looks up to you for everything for helping out in laundry to watching movies, irk you? Then it is time to take a stand and speak up if you want to take the relationship to the next level.
Here are pointers on how to get the person you love to finally notice and feel something more than friendship towards you.

Ignorance Can be Bliss (Later)

Well, here, ignorance doesn't mean lack of knowledge or information. It is the first thing you can do to wriggle out of the friend zone, is to not be available all the time to your friend.
People take each other for granted a lot of times, so, your 'good friend' probably needs to realize that he or she cannot take you for granted, and you don't have a life without him or her. If that friend really cares about you and harbors feelings for you, he or she would understand how it is not to have you around.
The cardinal rule therefore, is to ignore that friend of yours, but, mingle with the others. That will also give you time to think whether should you be friends or lovers.

See Other People

Consider going for a date with someone else, so that the individual who considers you just as a good friend, knows that there are other people who you are interested in. 
Moreover, it is more a big blow for a person to know that someone else's life doesn't revolve around him or her.


Drop indirect and subtle hints that you either want to go a step further from friendship or if not that, then there cannot be anything else. 
However be careful that you do not spill the beans about your intentions towards the other individual. That will be sheer harakiri. You would not be taken seriously in that case!


Flirt with other people in front of her/him. If he/she shows signs of jealousy, then you know that you have a chance of being more than friends, if not, then, understand and accept that you two are just friends and will always be the same.
Ultimately, if all these things do not work, don't fret. Move on, there are other fish in the pond! Oh and please keep in mind that these are just suggestions and not concrete methods, as they differ from person to person.