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How to Get Over a Broken Heart

Omkar Phatak Nov 25, 2018
One of the hardest things to learn is getting over someone. It is perhaps the toughest part of growing up as a person. Here, we offer some tips on healing a broken heart.
Hearts are meant to be broken they say and you never believe in this cynical thought until your own heart is broken. It might be from a breakup after being together for a long time or from rejection. If you were too much involved and were deeply in love, this must have hurt really badly.
Even if you feel like you will never smile again, the good news is that it's not true. There is a way out of this. Hearts are broken by betrayal and break of trust. Healing can begin, when you start rebuilding your belief in love again.

Tips on Healing a Broken Heart

A heartbreaking moment is an introduction to the reality of life and to the fact, that it can never be perfect. The person you were before that moment and after, are totally different. The 'you' who is facing 'now', realizes that everything is not in your control.
The more you try to hold on tightly, the more you lose. One thing about a broken heart is that it makes you stronger, for it cannot be broken anymore. You will heal, if you are willing to accept reality and try your level best to come out of the shell that your broken heart has put you into.

Accept Reality

The first step is accepting the reality of it all. Stop thinking about what you could have done or how you could have prevented this from happening. It has happened and you must accept it, deal with it. Period.
Memory is our boon and bane. It doesn't let you forget any of the moments, which you would rather erase. That's life. Don't try to hold on. Let go now.

Make Peace

Stop living in the past and make your peace with it. The future holds new surprises, challenges, and dates. Shake away the stupor. You are alive and breathing and life is full of possibilities.

You have a Right To Be Happy

You have a birthright to be happy and you must exercise it. Go out and meet your friends. Do something, which you have never done before. Change your fixed routine and surprise yourself. This will help you get out of the depression.

Never Say Never

Eventually, as you lose yourself in activities and stop brooding, you will get over your ex and a day will come, when you will forget what it was like to be sad. Some day, you might even laugh it off.
However impossible you think that is, it's eventually going to happen. It may happen that you won't find the motivation to start dating again for some time, but come what may, never say 'never again'.

One Chapter's Closed, Another Will Begin

Life is not a short story, it's a big novel and it's not a fairy tale (with a '...lived happily ever after' ending always). It's a mystery page-turner and you never know what's around the corner. Many characters will enter the story and leave. Keep turning the pages and don't keep brooding on one. One chapter of that novel's closed and another has begun.
You can begin today and make a new ending. Keep an open mind and don't reject possibilities before giving them a chance to develop. You will eventually meet someone again and fall in love. Just give yourself a chance to be happy.
Pain only makes you stronger and a broken heart shows you the depth of your vulnerability and strength. At least, you loved and lost, you were brave; rather than not giving it a try at all. Don't give up the idea of finding that special someone. The pain passes eventually, if you decide to give yourself the opportunity to be happy again.