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How to Get Over a Cheating Boyfriend

Rohini Mohan Nov 20, 2018
How to get over a cheating boyfriend, is a subject which often torments women. There are no rules to this thing, however the most important requirement is that you learn to move on...
It is easier said than done and that's something anyone who has ever been deceived by a lover, would agree with. When you first realize that we are being cheated upon, the first thought that bombards you like a tidal wave is, a simple "Why?". Why did your boyfriend do this to you? Was it that you were not enough for him?
Or was it that you were too boring, too wild, too normal? After all, why did he do it and what made it so easy? All these questions and not a single answer! When you finally try to confront them, most guys will use the best excuse in the book, "It wasn't you, the problem lies in me..." or "I'm not good enough for you. You deserve so much better...".
Honestly?! These excuses do work for a while, but not when you know in your heart that he is lying and just wants you to move on and out of his life. It's as simple as that. It's like you're out watching a movie, you have fun, you enjoy the show and then when it's done you step out and go your own separate ways.
It was just a movie for them but now for you. The fact is that if it was so easy for him to cheat, then it should be equally easy for you to move on. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as that, but it isn't impossible either.

Ways to Get Over a Cheating Boyfriend

Confront Him!

It is a full-fledged war if you wish to make one of it. Tell him that you still have things to say and that he just cannot walk out of your life. You need answers and you should have them.
After all you spent your emotions for this guy and he owes you a lot more than a few minutes of his time. When you do finally meet him, ask him why he did the things he did and what drove him to them. If he seems disinterested or narcissistic, do not wait for an explanation. Get to the point and let him know how shocked, angry and disgusted you are with him.
Remember the objective of this exercise is you! You need to give vent to all your pent up frustration and throw it all back at his face. Once you do this, you'll feel much better and stronger about yourself. You will realize that you cannot let anyone take you for granted and walk all over you. Not if you don't let them.
However, if you know that your ex-boyfriend has a violent side to him, it would be best if you simply let go of the situation. You do not want to infuriate him, as he may try and harm you. Consider it as, 'Good riddance to bad rubbish'.

Heal Yourself

One important advice for coping after being cheated by a boyfriend is that you need to help yourself get over it. It isn't the end of the world. Use the time after the breakup, for healing yourself.
Try to focus on the positive aspects of your life such as family, friends, your job, your talent, and hobbies.
Regain your self-confidence, by realizing that your boyfriend was not the sum of your personality. It is in fact, you who makes yourself desirable. You become what you make of your life, so you must try to make the best of yours.

Get Over the Anger and Depression

You have to realize that he is the one who cheated on you. Therefore he was already over you when he decided to act. There is no point in getting angry and depressed over a loser, who didn't love you enough to stop and think about his actions. Why waste your emotions over a man, who doesn't deserve you anymore.
There is no point in thinking about how good things were between the two of you in the past. What matters is that the relationship is over, because of the fact that things went sour and eventually went south. You too must steel up and set out on a new journey of finding yourself and finding happiness.

Think Positive

Not all men are cheats. Some are as loyal and caring as you. Do not stereotype every man you meet into the same bracket. Do not rush into a relationship just because you're afraid of being lonely. Sometimes spending time with yourself, can help you understand the things you really expect and need out of your life.
Women have seen their marriage fall because of cheating husbands, and yet they have managed to lead better lives. If they can do it, so can you. All it takes is a sense of priority for your own life. Once you begin, it will take small and significant steps to bring about positive changes.
Once you start, there will be no looking back. What's even better is that you'll be armed with past experiences and knowledge, which will help you steer clear from more trouble. You'll know when you meet the right man finally. Until then let your heart heal and enjoy the simple wonders that life has to offer you!