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10 Really Effective Ways How You Can Get Over Your Ex-boyfriend

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 17, 2019
Getting over your ex boyfriend isn't easy, but it can be done by taking a few simple steps to get over the attachments. Read on to understand some ways that will help you to come out of it and lead to a happening life eventually.
A broken heart, which is looking for reasons behind what went wrong in the relationship and is looking for something or someone to blame cannot heal without letting go. Although it is easier said than done, you can find solace in the fact that time heals everything.
There is a scientific explanation behind the fact that time is the best healer. Our brain is like a data storage drive of our body, and when we make new memories, it deletes the old ones to make space for the new ones. So, the easiest way to get over your ex is to make new fond memories.
Most people find it difficult to live life on life's terms; they try to channelize their energies to restoring things to suit their imagination, rather than accepting reality and moving on.
When people say, "I love You," it is like a stock market transaction. They expect certain returns on their investment of love and when they don't get the returns, they experience anxiety and the pain of a broken heart. Here are some tips that can prove to be useful for you:
● Avoid places that will remind you of him; places like restaurants and clubs that you frequented with him. Anything that triggers your memories with your ex boyfriend should be avoided in the first half of your break up.
● Delete his phone number to avoid the urge to call him in a desperate attempt to get back. Try to stay away from some of the common friends that you might have.
● Do things that will make you happy like visiting a spa or getting a makeover. Try to do things that you always wanted to do, but avoided due to work pressure or relationship obligations.
● Pursue new hobbies such as learning to play an instrument, cooking classes, or yoga. You will also meet some new people in such places; this is one of the best ways to serve the underlying purpose.
● There's something about the unselfish support of family members that collectively works as a healing balm for a broken heart.
● Laughter is the way to go, so watch a few comedy flicks or spend time with kids. Try to be around people who have a positive outlook towards life and are fun-loving.
● One of the other ways to deal with pain is to help others with theirs; volunteer at a local charity. Find a nonprofit organization near you, which supports a cause close to you; it can be dealing with orphans, people with HIV/Aids, etc.
● Taking a vacation is also a great option; the geographical change will take you away from people and places that may remind you of him.
● Get back into the dating scene; this may sound harsh, but eventually, you have to do it, so better now than later. Changing your social networking site's relationship status to single is one of the ways to open the doors for a new suitor.
● Other ways to get over your ex are to concentrate on your career if you are working, or on your studies if you are in college. The idea is to distract your mind and utilize it on something positive.