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How to Get Over a Guy

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 3, 2018
He's gone and you need to move on too. Don't know how to get over a guy? Here's a guide for a safe ride through these bumpy times. So, fasten your seat belts, get ready and read on.
He's dumped you or you broke up with him. Either way, you need to know how to move on. Firstly, yes we need men, but not when they come with their 'baggage'. Sorry boys, it wasn't meant to be! Moving on, for tips on how to get over him, forget about 'hurt', 'heart broken', 'shattered', and every other word associated with sadness.
All these are excuses to not deal with the reality. He's gone now, because someone better is in store for you. Thinking positive and an optimistic outlook is the way out of the mess, and build a new relationship.

Memory Loss

Getting over a crush is easier than to get over someone you've loved or liked for a longer period of time. This is true, but not impossible.
Take a box and place all the items and the things that remind you of him. Put them all together and just trash them.
If he wasn't meant to be yours, then why should the memories remain? Throw him out, lock, stock, and barrel, with the memories and all the things that remind you of him.

Friends are Forever

The clich├ęd saying, 'friends are forever', would never mean so much to you. Missing friends, is an obvious symptom of getting over an ex. Call them up and catch up with them. Hang out at malls, go shopping, spend a day at a spa, and catch up over a coffee.
You did this when he wasn't with you, so why can't you when he's gone? Your friends are forever, because they will be by your side no matter what! So, get up and make the calls, to beat the blues, and paint the town red!

Rigorous Regime

Women usually find shopping or something even more unproductive, as a stress buster. That's why it takes them longer to figure out how to get over a guy. Try something different. Get over a break up by joining a gym, dance class, or learn an instrument.
Believe me, this is the most creative way of letting out your bottled emotions. On the plus side, there are high chances of meeting handsome men at these places too. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

Secret Diaries

As we write this, we are getting more and more convinced by the power of putting down thoughts in words. Maintain a secret diary and make it a part of your life, and the solution will reveal itself in a matter of time.
Often, a break up leaves us at a loss of a person who always heard us out. Here's your chance to find someone loyal and faithful. Tell your diary about everything that is happening in your mind. Share your secret thoughts, so that as you let them out, your mind will feel so much more clearer and at peace.

Do What You Want

Make a list of things that you always wanted to do and couldn't because someone else was taking up your time. Let these things be as trivial as they may be. Making an effort to see these small dreams come true is a huge leap from feeling blue.
As a break up advice, just do whatever you want to and wanted to do, except going back to him. He was never worth you anyway!
It is often the loss, pain, and separation anxiety that leads to trauma. Getting over a guy is a part of growing up. Learn a lesson from this small hurdle, 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger'.
It is a small hurdle because, when you see the bigger picture of life, the worry of getting over a lover will seem as insignificant as you in front of the ocean. Hope these inputs help you to recuperate, and get back on your feet with unbeatable zeal and passion for life!