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How to Get Someone to Like You

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 24, 2019
You always have a person tucked away in the corner of your mind as you search for ways for attracting someone towards you. Want help in attracting that special someone?
Haven't you asked yourself this question too many times? We all dream of finding our partner some day, and the day you do find him/her, you rack our brains and pull your hair out wondering if you could get that special person to like you back.
If you really want to get someone to like you, maybe you could use a few of the tips given here.

Getting Them to Like You Back


Well, everyone likes a good-looking guy/girl. So work on your appearance and try to look good every time you see him/her or you're around him/her. Don't be a slob, dress up well and look neat.
Wear something which accentuates the appreciable parts of your body. You might also want to work out a bit and lose those extra pounds so that you can fit into that nice body-tight shirt and look really awesome.


The second thing another person appreciates is someone who can talk well. So start talking to that person you like. By talking on different topics, you'll get that person to open up and be more friendly with you.
Be humorous, witty when you talk, but don't overdo it. Humor is best appreciated when its appearances are few and far between, but racked with wit.


Smile because it brings out the beauty in you. Don't you think that a person looks best when they flash a (genuiane) smile?. A smile also shows that you're really enjoying their company. So smiling when that person is around serves a two-fold benefit: it brings out your true beauty and tells them that you're having a good time too.

Offer Help

Helping someone with homework, carrying their books for them, generally helping a new neighbor settle in, all these things show the sweet side of you. After all, if the person you like is looking for someone to date, then why not date someone who is so helpful?

Special Talents

Do you have any special talents like singing, playing any musical instrument, dancing? Can you paint or play sports? If you're good at what you do, you have grabbed the eyeballs of your special one already. Sing a nice song on the guitar and you'll have her swooning!

Be Coy

And then again, you don't want to be too close or too open with someone. Some things are best left untold and seemingly mysterious. This makes the other person curious and gives them a desire to get to know you better.
Telling the person you like practically everything about you and sharing too many things with that person gets you in the 'friend-zone'. Which is fine if you want to get someone to like you as a friend. But if you want to go out with them, perhaps you ought to keep a few aspects of your personality under wraps!
As you can see, attracting someone you like isn't really a big deal. It is very easy as long as you hit the right chord with them!