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How to Impress a Guy

Rujuta Borkar May 4, 2019
Impressing a guy is mainly in the attitude. Once you master that, bringing a few pointers into practice does not take much. Read through the following piece for some simple and practical advice on how to impress a guy the right way.
If you're new to the whole dating game and you like someone, you really do want them to notice you... and the instinct that we go with is--if we are able to impress them, they will like us better.
Men and women, we have to co-exist, so it is a good idea to know what clicks for the opposite sex and what puts them off. Towards a more harmonious life and all that. That way we are co-existing...happily. Here are some practical ways of impressing a guy.

I. Myself. Me

Be yourself. That is the first lesson. Do not don on a personality to impress him as you go along, adding bits and pieces and turning into someone you know he'd like you to be and not someone that you are.
And then not letting him see a side of you that he'll find just as endearing. Which of course leads to losing those acquired skills as you go along, 'cause yes, that will happen. And then there will be the losing your credibility bit and some horrid relationship issues in the end. Not good.
Be yourself. 'Cause even if he doesn't turn out to be the 'one', you still will be you. Look at it as a way of harboring your good points rather than hiding and disguising your bad.
You snore when you sleep... So? It's better he knows about it from the beginning than you having to make excuses for it later. Refuse a drink if you don't want one. Be yourself and you are done doling pressure on yourself. And that's a great way to live.

Confidence is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Potent powers of confidence, sadly not many know how to make it work. Do whatever you do but be confident while doing it―and do not make an excuse for what you do. Men find it extremely endearing. And confidence? It shows. 
It is visible in the way you stand straight and strong, it's visible in the way you make eye contact, it's visible in the way you interact. So yeah, fighting your own battles with confidence? Awesome way of how to attract a guy and impress him.

We of the Independent Clan

Independence. And knowing how to use it. Being your own woman and being able to take care of your own self? Guys love, love, love that. So the next time, don't shirk away from doing your own thing and putting your foot down.

Grow Up!

Some girls they love the baby talk. Drop it. No baby talk, no teddy bears―it is not endearing. You want him to take you seriously? You have to take yourself seriously first.
Stop hiding behind the garb of not being able to do anything for yourself, how you need him to be there for you, and how you're lost without him. You might think that it feeds his ego--but not for long and that's really not impressing him any.

I'm Ready... 10 minutes before you asked me to be

You know what impresses a guy? Being ready on time and not making him wait. Seriously. You pick a random couple and ask the guy this, and this will be his number 1 pet peeve. So... be ready on time. 
Not at all a difficult pointer for impressing him, is it now? And if you're wondering what to wear to impress a guy then let's just say he really won't care what you're wearing if you're ready on time.
But why waste your feminine charm, so... for the first date a pair of well -fitting jeans and a blouse that shows a little skin but leaves a lot to the imagination. And as the dating progresses, you can switch over to dresses, show those great legs, bring out the collar bones. We are young only once, after all.


What men find attractive in women? Talents and skills. That's what will impress him like nothing else. Knowing that he has a foxy, talented lady on his arms gives him a high and gives you the edge. Win-win.
Have a great voice? Do a karaoke night for a first date. Tinkering with cars and getting them to start again? Help a stranded person on the road. Great cook? Get him hooked with that mushroom recipe of yours. Impressed. Floored... and hooked.

Cars, Sports and Beer

Weakness. Weakness. Weakness. For guys that is. IF you are interested in any of these things and do enjoy them then you talk about them.
Not otherwise. For some guys, even you trying is a big deal, so if you're up to it you could try that. But please don't put on a fake personality for this, it's not worth it.
Though these are some of the ways to impress a guy, it's a subjective thing. For some it might be watching you comforting a friend who's lost someone close, for others it might be how you get a seat in the overcrowded restaurant with your charm, for still others it might be how famously you get along with their buddies, beer chugging competitions, etc;
And for some others it might be how you are always so cheerful and funny even if you've had a rough day. Funny thing, this love. You might be tempted to impress your way into a relationship, but let it happen just as it is. Don't force yourself into it and definitely do not make 'impressing him' a mission in life.