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How to Keep a Guy Interested in You

Neha Joshi Feb 17, 2019
Finding it difficult to keep him actively involved in the relationship? Learn how to keep him interested now and forever through these easy tips.
Guys are simple... women are not simple and they always assume that men must be just as complicated as they are, only way more mysterious. The whole point is guys are not thinking much. They are just what they appear to be. Tragically.

Dave Barry
It really isn't that difficult you know, to keep a guy interested for long. Whether it's a guy or a girl, both are, in the end, only human―bound to get bored of what is old. It might seem very wrong to call someone old, but that's how most of us function.
To tackle this problem, you first have to concentrate your efforts on introducing something new in your relationship consistently. Both of you have to offer your relationship something different every now and then.
Whatever your age is, however old/new your relationship is, and however different you both are, there has to be a surprise element in the relationship to keep it alive.


Always remember to keep your relationship simple. No one―man or woman―likes a complicated relationship. They're bound to lose interest with time. On the contrary, everyone likes a happy relationship.
The more happy you are, the more happy he will be. Your relationship will only reflect what you are. Really, simplicity is highly underrated. You will realize this with time.
Don't try to suffocate him with your presence. It's better for both of you that you spend less time. This way, you won't get bored of each other's company.
Also, making him spend time with you out of compulsion is only going to push him further away. Don't nag if he refuses to go out without you a couple of times a month. It's alright. Give him his space. What's the harm, really?
Keep doing something special for him. Cook him his favorite meal; go out for romantic dinners, quiet evening walks, and crazy parties; make something for him; take romantic vacations; don't miss out on movies, etc. 
Basically, keep doing things together. If you have a busy schedule, send a romantic text once in a while; tell him you miss him. After sometime, both of you will be so used to doing things together that living apart will seem like a nightmare.
No matter what people say, remember, a well-kept woman is better than someone with two wrong socks. Learn to maintain yourself properly. It's not that difficult, really.
All you need is a good dressing sense. Look simple and clean. As humans, we naturally prefer hanging out with clean, hygienic people, and are immediately repulsed by a bad odor or a dirty presence. Also, he will notice that you're trying to look good for him.
If he's losing interest in you, don't try to dominate him and get his interest back. Instead, talk it out with him. Don't go around shouting orders for no reason. If you tell him properly, he might listen to you the first time itself. 
Learn to communicate. Be a person with whom communicating is easy and simple. No one wants a wise ass. Don't be aggressive with your opinions and judgments. Most of the time, people talk only so you can hear them. Be someone who he'll run to when he's emotionally down.
In the end, remember, you have to always keep things simple. Learn the art of being calm. A calm, understanding, and happy girlfriend is all that a guy wants. Not to difficult to be one, is it?