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How to Know if You are Still in Love

Hemangi Harankhedkar Apr 21, 2019
Does love really fade away? What being in love means? How to know if you are still in love? Questions galore. Keep reading further to find some answers.
How do you know you love someone? No, it's not love when you fall in it each day, each week, and every time with a different person! True love is when you fall in it, with the same person, again and again... it's true when the person you are in love with means the world to you.
For some, love is physical closeness, for some it is in being together and spending life together. But that's not all what love is about. Sacrificing what you badly want, for the person you are in love with, is love. We all yearn for love. Each of us wants a trustworthy companion, true?
That 'someone' who accepts you the way you are, who understands you more than you do. Someone, who is always there for you. Love is unconditional, the person whom you love becomes your life. So what do you think, are you in love with someone...?

Are You Still in Love?

Are you in love? How to know if you are 'still' in love? It's sometimes difficult to decide who is the one made for you. It is hard to accept sometimes, that the person you love is your soulmate. Ask yourself and see what your heart has to say. Are you still in love? Do you feel happy for no particular reason these days?
Does the mirror tell you of a glow on your face? Do you smile to yourself quite often these days? Have you suddenly realized that life is just so beautiful? Do you really feel you can't live without that 'someone' in your life? Well then, you are in love... yes!
They say, 'true love has no happy ending, because it never ends'. True that is. True love lasts for a lifetime, or probably even longer.
Is there something that makes you wonder 'do I still love him/her'. What is it after all? Is it lack of that spark, that magic, that chemistry you shared? Let's make things simpler for you. Give an honest 'yes' or 'no' for each of the following. If it's a 'yes' for a majority of them, well, yes, you are still in love then..
  • He/she is the last person you think of before you sleep. The person is the last you want to say good night to.
  • Though you are surrounded by a group of people, you are not in the discussion and think of what he/she must be doing.
  • You want to look good for that person so that he/she notices you. You always have him/her in mind.
  • You are eager to help the person in every little way you can and want to take all the effort to see him/her happy in life.
  • You think life is beautiful only because of his/her presence in your life.
  • A mere mention of the person's name still makes you blush and smile.
  • You want the person around you all the time.
  • But if you find out that he/she likes someone else, you are ready to sacrifice.... and all of that for your love's happiness.

How to Know if You Still Love Your Ex?

It doesn't matter who broke the relationship or if it was a mutual breakup. The fact is that you 'were' in love with that person. Break up will definitely take some time to heal. In a relationship, you cannot forget the person suddenly.
But even after taking all the efforts from your side to forget that person, if you cannot, you could be still in love with the person. Give some thought to what follows, and know if you are still in love with your ex.
  • You miss him/her. Though you have had a breakup, you have not been able to get over it. You have not been able to forget the sweet memories of the time spent together.
  • The memories make you smile or cry. You always wonder why the relation didn't work.
  • You still have the desire to talk to him/her before going to sleep.
  • You suddenly think of him/her.
  • You long for some communication from your ex.
  • You wish you had him/her to share the new exciting things in your life.
  • Even after the breakup, no one else interests you.
  • You want to know what is going on in your ex's life, or if he/she has found a new partner.
  • Seeing your ex with someone else makes you unhappy.
  • Though you show hatred for the person, you know you shall be the first person to help him/her, in troubled times.
If you said 'yes' to most of these, you are in love with your ex.

You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life...
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night... ~ Shania Twain
And if that's something you can relate to, if that's precisely what you feel for someone in your life, then yes, you should know, you are in love.