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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Naomi Sarah Jan 9, 2019
Fretting over how to maintain long distance relationship? Knowing ways to keep the flow alive between the two of you, and being consistent in communication, is key to making it work...
Communication, in the form of gadgetry is the only way one can actually keep in touch, and not have to worry about not being in contact, even when on the run. There's always a way to tiptoe around a problem, if you know how to approach it and what to do about it.

Tips to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Relationships in itself aren't easy to maintain, especially when there are differences and flaws that one has to compromise over, or look past. That is why, it is imperative that you and the one that you're seeing, see eye to eye, and have a connection that is impenetrable. Without that, you're as good as over.
So for those of you seeking long distance relationship tips, you have to keep in mind that the ongoing connection, if it's dwindling, has to worked on. You need to put in the effort to make it work, especially if this is someone who is worth your time and space.

Voice to Voice

Take time out and make sure that the two of you take turns to call each other at least once a week, to give one another a chance to speak not through emails and chat sessions, but by hearing each other's voices.
It is crucial to have proximity in a relationship, where the distance then becomes a non issue. A long distance relationship more than other form of dating, needs that kind of closeness. If you find it costly to call each other, opt for voice chats online, where chat messengers are equipped with applications that you can use a mic with, and talk for free.
What could be better? Better yet - do a webcam conferencing session, to make it look like you two are actually sitting across from each other. That way you wouldn't feel that pinch of being apart.


This is an apt way to just type out what you feel in a nice long email. It can be short and sweet, recounting what you did all day, as a way of updating each other on what's going on.
It's nice to have to start your day or evening with an email from someone you love. It shows that they took the time to sit and type out all they think about and want to convey, making it seem genuine communication. It is important to do this if you don't get a chance to SMS or make calls. It's a fallback option if all fails to get in touch with him/her.

Meeting in Person

It is very, very important to make sure that the two of you meet at least twice a year, in this next segment on LDR advice. Every six months would be a nice way of splitting up the two trips.
Take turns again to make this work, by traveling to each others' cities, and spending a nice long getaway together. Make sure you take off a good month or so, to catch up on all that lost time apart. It is of utmost importance to have meetings that are long and well spaced out during the year, like over the summer and winter holidays.

Remember Important Dates

Now that you two aren't together in one place, it is important to keep a record of birthdays, anniversaries, special events and so on.
That way you can do thoughtful things like plan surprise trips, send gifts, plan a weekend together if just for a while, do something different or act on spontaneity since the two of you are apart and need to do all you can to stick together.

Always Make Time

Don't ever be too busy for the one you're seeing. There's no such thing as being too busy, where you can't even squeeze in a couple of minutes in a day to keep the other informed of what's happening at your end.
It is important to keep in touch, for fear of drifting and causing a rift between the two of you. Don't be too caught up in your life - remember that you now have to make room in your life for this person, regardless of how busy a schedule you maintain.

Keep It Fresh

Always try something new when it comes to a long distance relationship. One has to constantly come up with ways on how to keep it interesting and spot on every time. It may seem a tad stressful to always put so much of yourself into a relationship, but when both do so, the results are fulfilling when you and the other are reciprocating in the same way.
Keeping that balance between your personal and work life, or even college and school is what will either make or break this relationship. To avoid relationship issues that are of a bad and disturbing nature, both of you have to sort out your priorities and commitment level.
When it comes to maintain a long distance relationship, there are two sides of the coin that have to be equally addressed. Is this what both of you want? Is this something that will last? How do I know that this is what is right for the two of us? Discuss all these nagging questions in person, and have them cleared up once and for all.