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How to Make a Guy Want You

Sujata Iyer Apr 23, 2019
Girls all around the world, at this precise moment are wondering how to make a guy want them. Well, hopefully this information will help them.
The thing about physical attraction is that sometimes, it can exhilarate you, and sometimes, in spite of the adrenaline rush that you feel everytime you see that guy passing by, you are enveloped by this sense of self-doubt.
You are attracted to him, that's for sure (if you weren't, you wouldn't be reading this). You know that you want him. You just don't know if he wants you back. So, there's this emotional (and oft times physical) upheaval going on about how you can make him want you. So, let's get to these very important tips then.

Ways to Make a Guy Want You

There are some questions that will find their way into a girl's mind, by default, once she starts realizing the presence of the opposite sex around. When she looks around and spots that one guy who makes her go all (cliche alert!) weak in the knees. How to make a guy like you? What to say to make a guy want you? How to get a guy to notice you?
These questions will remain unanswered for quite some time. Until she realizes that the answer lies with no one but herself (and sometimes with the Internet). Until she discovers the inner flame that burns within her for that guy she's stuck on, she's not going to know what to do. So, let's see how we can be of help, to answer this pressing question.

Look Nice

You've probably read this a million times, but that does not make it less true or less important. As said earlier, light does travel faster than sound. So obviously you need to be seen in a good light for the guy in question to know that you exist.
We're not talking over-the-top-made-up-to-look-like-a-porcelain-doll exist. There are very basic grooming tips that you need to follow in order to be (for lack of a better word) 'visible'. They include an immaculate hygiene routine. Be clean and smell good. A feminine fragrance is one of the major turn-ons for men.
Secondly, rest yourself well. Agreed that you want to maintain a well-toned body, but that does not translate to overworking yourself to such an extent that you look ghostly pale with tons of make-up on and like a scary crone without it.

Feed Yourself

You know most women believe that what men find attractive in women is a stick thin figure. Boy do they have it wrong! Sure, they appreciate a woman who can take good care of her body with a regular exercise regime, but not to the point of looking like a toothpick!
So follow this piece of advice, and EAT! Yes, that's right! In fact, many guys say that it's really putting off when all a girl is worried about is how many calories she's going to gain by eating something she obviously wants to, but doesn't. All they want to know is 'who's stopping you?'
They take you out because they like you, and then you go and order yourself a salad that looks as unappetizing as a golf ball. Does he bicker about how less you're eating? NEWS FLASH! He wants you to eat!
Eat whatever you want in the whole wide world! Don't starve yourself on his expense. You can work it all off at that ridiculously overpriced gym that you're a member of. And for heaven's sake, don't worry about the curves! Didn't you hear? They're back!

Be Passionate

Passion is something that is absolutely essential for a relationship to survive. Mind you, passion encompasses many more things than just physical passion. A passion for life, a passion for a hobby, about something, about anything. This is one of the major contenders on the list of what guys like about girls.
Just looking pretty is not enough. You need to have a good head on your gorgeous shoulders too! Talk to him about things that you are passionate about. Talk to him about things he is passionate about.
Just, please, talk about things you know rather than about things that you have no idea about. Give him a little credit. Just like you can tell when a guy is being fake, so can he!

Drop the Prop-ah!

This might surprise you, but there are some things that work wonders if you want to turn a guy on. They may have never occurred to you, but they are true. Guys like it when a woman can break free from her 'perfect' image once in a while. They don't expect you to be lady-like all the time.
In fact, they enjoy it if you swear occasionally, cuss about random things, sit in a pair of boxer shorts and a sweatshirt, and do things that are totally unlike you. They don't mind letting you be in control, provided you know where you're heading.
So if you've really tried everything and yet cannot get him to make the first move, then it's up to you. Go ahead and tell him precisely what's on your mind. Watch his expression change from confusion to delight to shock to desire (in that order).

Be Comfortable

One more sure-shot way to make a guy want you is to be comfortable. Comfortable with who you are. Comfortable in what you wear. Comfortable about the way you look. Don't hyperventilate for minuscule things. Be calm, look and feel comfortable. Exude confidence in whatever you do.
There's nothing more appealing to a guy than a girl who knows what she wants, where to find it, and how to get it. So, drop all your inhibitions and just enjoy the time that you spend together instead of constantly worrying about mundane things like your hair or your makeup.

Touch and Feel

By using these tips, we're assuming you've at least succeeded at asking him out, or are dating the guy for a while now. Now that you have his attention, you need to do the most sensuous things that will have deafening sirens and alarms going off in his mind and body.
In the course of your conversations, touch him constantly. Do this in an inconspicuous manner. You don't want to look like an obscenely desperate girl. Some of the things that you can do to make him go crazy, are give him a sensuous head massage. A foot massage works even better. Touch his arms while you talk.
Place your hand on his thigh if you are seated next to each other. (WARNING: This is a very sleek move, which if not practiced, can go disastrously wrong, and end in a severely embarrassing situation for both parties in question). Rub his shoulders if he's sitting on a chair and you're standing behind it.
Eye contact is overrated. Do any of these things and when he looks at you, look just once to make sure you've got your point across, and then slyly look away. If not anything more, some heavy kissing will definitely happen before the night is up.
The tips mentioned here may not make him fall in love with you all at once. But there's a pretty good chance they'll make him want you. And once he wants you, all you have to do is turn on the remaining charm. Make him want to see you again and again, each time with a renewed urgency while you revel in sheer glee!