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How to Make Him Want You More

How to Make Him Want You More? Basic Tricks That Definitely Work

If there is a guy you like and he isn't reciprocating enough, you need some tips on how to make him want you more.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
You'll were truly, madly, and deeply in love. It's been some years now and things aren't as exciting as they were before. Same old? Well ... if you want him to want you like he did before―day and night―you need to get yourself together first. Men are simple, you know. There is one golden rule to attract them―look good and avoid all emotions complex. Too late? Already had your fights? No problem. Apply all the tips mentioned below to your relationship and see how magically they work.
Take Care of Him
Guys love to be pampered and taken care of; they may not show this but they do. Pamper him. Cook for him, shop for him, surprise him, and listen to him. However, don't go overboard with it. Don't ask him too many questions. All you need to do is actively take interest in what's been up with him.
Look Good for Him
Look good for him. There is nothing more a man likes than a woman who tries to impress him. Who wouldn't like a woman that dresses up well and is never not presentable? Want to go one step further? Get yourself a makeover!
Keep Him Happy
Do things that make him happy. Cook his favorite food, wear his favorite color, take him to dine at his favorite restaurant ... let your world revolve around him. Let him know, you know what he likes. Don't ask for anything in return and don't even tell him that you are doing all this for him. Let him realize that on his own and he'll treasure you more than before.
Retain Your Individuality
Don't cling to him all the time. You have to learn the art of being one and yet maintain your individuality. Don't make yourself one of his liabilities; be his asset. Guys love individualistic girls. See to it that you have a life of your own; don't smother him.
Be There for Him
Guys can't convey emotions easily. They find it difficult to express what they think or what they're going through. At such times, be there for him unconditionally. Let him know that he can always fall back on you. Try to be a girl he can come home to. You have to be a constant support for him during his tough times. Give him the courage to try harder when he fails. Show him your faith in him.
Be genuine with what you feel for him. Guys like girls who are sorted out and not emotionally complicated. This does not mean you stop communicating your emotional troubles, it means you stop letting them control your relationship.
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