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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 1, 2018
It takes a lot of patience, and oodles of trust in one another, to make a long distance relationship work and sustain itself. The couple has to have faith in the fact, that they are committed to the cause of being together and making their love last.
Every relationship has to go through a 'long distance' phase at some point or the other. This is what makes every couple debate and contemplate over how to make a long distance relationship work. You may be a married couple or a couple in the courtship phase.
So what? A negligible obstacle like distance, is definitely not the reason why you have to give up on a relationship, in any which way. Let's take an example of Jenny: She is madly in love with one guy for over 2 years and he loves her too. However, he has to move out in couple of months for 2 years.
The 'moving out' aspect, totally sends shivers down her spine, plants extremely preposterous, far fetched ideas in her head and makes her think a million times about whether or not she should commit. But she sure can, with a few pointers listed here.

Communication is the Key

Communication is very much the key to make a long distance relationship work. Since you or your partner are away, there are scant chances of being a part of each other's lives, problems, issues, and so on. If you don't talk it out, there will be nothing more left to make things right for you.
Communication also helps in building trust and strengthening the emotional attachments. Strong emotional attachment is the secret ingredient to a long-lasting relationship. So, pick up the phone and talk tonight. Let your partner know how much you miss them.

Trust Each Other

Trust a very essential part of a relationship. The another reason why Jenny is skeptical about getting into a relationship, is due to lack of trust from both the sides. Both men and women, while in a romantic relationship, can get equally suspicious and nagging.
In order to make any relationship work, you have to cut some slack and believe in your partner. The more you doubt your partner and show suspicion, the bigger is the chance of hurting their ego, and do something unexpected. After all, rather commit the mistake and then get blamed.
And moreover what's the point of being with the person, who cannot trust you, for what you are. Communication which also includes, hearing out, understanding and being insightful. It is an important factor in making a relationship work in the long run as it helps in building unshakable trust.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honestly, where is the need to lie? If you think lying is meant to get away, then isn't lying getting you stuck in a bigger labyrinths of your own tales? It takes mere honesty for surviving a long distance relationship.
The fact that your partner is miles away, doesn't give your license to hide things from her/him. Share your sentiments and thoughts with your partner and discuss every issue that you think is significant to the relationship. Once you start being honest with your partner, you surely will be rewarded with the same.

The Age-old Question...

Yes. Long distance relationships work, provided you want them to work. There are millions and millions, who think that long distance relationship, are a big bogus. But, this isn't completely true. For a relationship like this, there is a new challenge everyday. 
It's a challenge of will, it's a challenge of our desires to be with each other, it's a challenge to make a life that you want to, and eventually, it's a challenge to find your happiness.
If loving him and having him as crucial part of your life, then why not walk the extra mile? It's just the mindset of fear, added with insecurity that makes you step back from a beautiful life together. A look at the bigger picture, of being together, will clear the clutter and help you see things with positivity.
If you could get into a relationship and love somebody undauntedly, then isn't distance an insignificant cause to let it all go in vain? It sure is.