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How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Ladies, We'll Tell You How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Love, it is a magical time, made up of tiny little magical moments. One when no one is more beautiful or more charming than our loved one. But, the question is, how do you make a man fall in love with you when you are already in love with him? Fear not ladies, here is a solution to all your problems, woes, and questions!
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
"Love is a 4 letter word,
Which for some reason I was never inclined toward.
Then all of a sudden, I don't know why
Even the mention of his name got me shy.
Was this love?
I think so.
Not just think,
I know so.
But then, out of the blue,
I didn't find him near.
And, for the first time,
My heart felt fear,
Now, he is gone,
The light in my heart is dim,
That once brightly shone,
Will he, I wonder, ever come back?
To refill the joy, that I now lack?
The answer to this question, I know not,
Will I ever love someone the same, I know not.
For, all I know for sure,
Is that love comes with pain,
And I don't know, if I can ever love again!"
This poem was written by a heartbroken girl when she realized that the man she loved, did not love her back! What a tragedy! And I can completely understand the plight of the girl from this poem. Nonetheless, there are ways which can keep you from ending up writing poems like these. There are now (known to women) several ways to make a man you like, fall for you!
Eye Candy
It is very important for all women to know that, even though men are not super shallow, they will be attracted to the prettier girls, the girls who they like to see and be seen with. So, if you wish that your man falls for you, you need to rock the land that he stands on. For that, you need to be attractive to him. That does not mean that you wear revealing, provocative, or sexy clothes. It simply means, that you find the perfect equilibrium between what makes you look super gorgeous and his idea of attractive.
Fix the Broken
Nobody is perfect. That said, there are often certain flaws in us, that can act as total deal breakers for the men. More often than not, we are not aware of them. So, do a little research and development and find out what are these deal breakers in your case. This could either mean altering your physical appearance or working on your overall personality in general. This has a two-fold effect, you will be improving your personality, in general, as well as, making yourself more attractive to the man you love.
Get Small Talking
Often, women are not capable of small talk (kudos to you, if you are!). As such, they lose opportunities to speak with the man they like. Remember, if he can't talk to you, he can't have feelings for you. So, gather skills to learn how to small talk and pass him a line occasionally. This will make him aware of your existence, as well as, make him comfortable in your presence. More so, if your communication with him starts through small talk, the chances of you fumbling when you actually have a conversation with him, are relatively less.
You need to make sure that he feels secure around you. Insecurity and intimidation can be detrimental for your desired love life. So, reveal to him (in complete secrecy) a few mistakes or goof ups that you may have made in your past life. This way, he will find himself relating to you in a much better way and at improved levels. Immediately, you will notice the conversations becoming a bit more intimate. Nonetheless, refrain from making him feel like you are a freak. So, reveal very little at a time. Too many mistakes may make your love van go in the reverse direction.
Side Does Matter
All women have more facets than one. I am not asking you to pretend, keep in mind. I am asking you to put forward your best side in front of him. Like if he is into "cute", then show your adorable and warm side to him. Or, if he is into "flirting", then try a few pickup lines on him, once in a while. This, will make him see you in a different light. This jolt in change of perception, can attract him to you. Nonetheless, I want to repeat, do not pretend to be something you are not, simply let him see the best of you!
In Need, Indeed
Be there for him when he is truly in need of someone, emotionally. This will forge an emotional bond between the two of you. Always remember, men may be attracted to a woman purely for the physical aspect, but they will only fall in love with a woman with whom they have an emotional bond. More so, if he starts getting used to your emotional support, he will not be able to imagine life without you, making him realize that you are perfect for him. Further, this will make him develop feelings for you. So, if he has just missed a promotion, or just lost a baseball game, be there to comfort him and cheer him up.
All in all, whatever means you use to make a man fall for you, remember that pretense will get him to you for now, not forever. So, be honest with him. More so, remember that men like women who are feminine, not feeble. Make sure that you don't cross this thin line. Further, do not cling on to the man, he will be repulsed by you, make sure that you are around, but nonchalant!
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