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How to Make a Relationship Last

Kashmira Lad Sep 28, 2018
Have you ever wondered how to make a relationship last forever? Well, many would have faced this question at some point, during troubled times in a relationship. Here's a basic guideline to have a long-lasting, healthy relationship.
"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships." ― Anthony Robbins
This certainly holds true for everybody. The amount of money or all the luxuries in this world do not matter; having good and healthy relationships is what matters if one wishes to have a successful life. Often, what seems to be a good relation ends up being on the brink of a breakup for petty issues.
The secret to a lasting companionship lies within us. After all, compatibility is the major issue, and often, cracks develop in relationships when couples cannot really compromise on certain factors. Here are some guidelines that can help make them last.

Tips for Lasting Relationships


Being happy in a relationship takes effort from both sides. Communication makes relationships last. If you have a problem with his habits, talk to him and sort it out, rather than getting worked up about it.
Does she show signs of being a nag? Why groan over the issue and become unhappy? Talk it out! When you remain unhappy, you are bound to make your partner feel unhappy, which would ultimately make both of you suffer. Always communicate your true feelings to each other in an amicable manner. The way you put across your message, can give you varied results.

Spice It Up

Always keep that fun element alive in a relationship. If you wish to make your relationship last forever, you need to discard the feeling that you have been going steady for long.
Take a day off from work, and surprise your partner by planning something elaborate at home. You can bake a cake, or decorate your home so that when he returns, he would be in for a surprise.
Guys can send a bouquet of flowers to her workplace, or plan a secret rendezvous for the weekend. Plan things without your partner's knowledge, and see the surprise on his/her face. Work issues always tend to bog people down, so you need to make an effort to bring the zing back into their life.
Married couples can pretend they are still dating. Ultimately, the idea is to spend quality time with each other, and prevent the relationship from getting stagnated at any point.

Pursue A Hobby Together

Ensure that you both have developed common interests and values. Even if you think your partner is poles apart from you, you need to work on a few common angles. These can help you cherish each other's company, and discover new things as well. This is another good way of spending more time with each other.
Join a dance class at the weekend, or play a sport together. Whatever it is, you need to bond more strongly, and rejuvenate the relationship.

Show Your Love

Be intimate, and cherish the time spent. You can try small acts to display your love and affection. Surprise your partner with a cup of tea in bed, or leave some love messages at specific places around the house.
Add a touch of romance to every single day of your life. Make your partner feel loved, and you would be surprised to the amount of love you get in return.
Develop a strong bond of friendship between the two of you! Apart from romance and intimacy, one needs to strengthen the bond by being good friends for life. For a rewarding relationship, you need to work around many issues that seem difficult to tackle.
A couple needs to be equally committed to make things better between them. Equal efforts will help to strengthen the bond better. The above mentioned tips will help you to have lasting relationships.