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How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You? Love Yourself First

Medha Godbole Apr 19, 2019
To make someone fall in love with you is a tight rope walk. It is tough, but worth giving a shot. Let's look at the tips on how to do that!
Annie was absolutely floored and was going gaga over this guy in her office. Anytime, anyone used to mention his name her heart skipped a beat and not to mention her state when she used to give him a stealthy glance. Being a very unassuming and shy girl, she was lost in Neverland.
Okay, so does this sound familiar? Does it feel like your situation is the same as Annie's? What did you do then to make sure you get what you want? Never mind, if you have not yet done anything about it. If you still want this to work out, here are ways that will help you by giving you a few secrets and make that 'someone' fall hopelessly in love with you.

Love Secret 1

If you want someone to love you or like you, you need love yourself first. If you do not treat yourself as you would want others to treat you, it is a lost cause. Therefore, my dear girls and guys, take good care of yourself, and love yourself completely.

Love Secret 2

Let your guy or girl know that you exist, and not just exist, show them that you are fabulous! Try to be around that person as much as you can (office, college, gym, club), make sure that you are well dressed, groomed, presentable and attractive at all times.

Love Secret 3

Okay, now that your existence has been acknowledged by your crush, take a step forward and try to strike a conversation with him/her.
If your workplace is the same, you must surely bump into him or her sometime or the other. Grab that opportunity to chat up with that person. If it is a college, join the activity which he is interested in, and get talking.

Love Secret 4

Be yourself and be confident. Always be involved in something or the other. Once you start talking to each other regularly, you don't need to be available all the time. The person should feel that he or she should tag along and be a part of everything you do and not miss out on something exciting to do with you. So be positive, love life and keep your cool.

Love Secret 5

Your acquaintance with the person of your dreams is improving, which is great! Get to know that person thoroughly and you too can be pretty open (as much as comfortable you are) too about your life. Share a good laugh. At this point, starting to bond emotionally is important.

Love Secret 6

Give them what they want. Do they need emotional support? Or help with office work? Or want to shop for their parents?
Here is your chance to show them that you are always there for them. At the same time, do not have unrealistic expectations even after you make that guy fall for you. Have reasonable standards and know that no one is perfect. Also, do not let that person take you for granted.

Love Secret 7

If your only means of communication is the phone, you need to brush up your communication etiquette and watch your voice and intonation. There is nothing sexier than a good voice and communication skills!
To end this discussion, all we would say is that if this does not work, don't get discouraged. Keep trying! Dazzle the person of your dreams every moment and be irresistible!