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How to Make Your Husband Happy and Salvage the Relationship

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 23, 2018
Are you tired of seeing him constantly depressed? Is it taking a toll on your relationship? Well, then instead of pestering him with questions, take a few tips and learn how to make your husband happy, to revive your relationship.
Eliminating the causes of unhappiness is the simplest remedy for making your husband happy. Unfortunately, the reasons for unhappiness are often hidden under the garb of a nonchalance, by most men. As his wife, essentiallly know what is bothering him, if you want to have him back in your life properly. The secret of any successful marriage is communication.
However, lack of communication, is what causes a pile of emotional baggage, which leads to episodes of blame game and creates a rift that seems too deep to be cemented. It is true that strengthening your marital bond requires efforts from both the sides. Understanding how to make your husband happy, will go a long way in salvaging your relationship.

How to Keep Your Husband Happy

Take Interest

In most cases, the mid-life makes a woman a full-time homemaker, with young ones to take care of, and the husband as the sole provider. This can make him feel severely pressurized.
Taking the entire responsibility of providing for the family and looking after the financial needs can be quite a daunting task. This can drain him out completely, which is many times seen through perpetual exhaustion, aloofness, and constant disinterest.
By making a few changes in your routine, such as eating together, catching up over meals about what happened during the day, discussing work, and allowing him to vent out his frustrations without you drawing any judgments, can help both of you to resuscitate to your emotional bond.

Deviate Attention

Deviate his attention from the reveling in your marital problems, by taking up couple hobbies. With a score of options such as pottery, painting, playing a sport, gardening, traveling, sight-seeing, volunteering, and so forth, these recreational activities provide a relief from tensions of professional life.
Coax him into joining one such activity with you. Getting a breath of fresh air can also help you see your partner in a fresh perspective, which can rekindle the lost romance.

Romantic Rendezvous

Marriage puts the romance on the backseat of a journey that you started together. Responsibilities and duties make you forget the sweet everything that mattered the most in your relationship. Romantic rendezvous get lost in hectic office meetings and smothering schedule of professional life.
Just call up your husband and ask him to meet you at the coffee place (or any other hangout) both of you used to frequent before marriage. Relive the old days of romance and forgotten moments. A trip down romantic lane is an excellent way of meeting cupid once again!

Reviving Sex

The key factor of making your husband happy is satisfying him sexually. Keeping the flame of love flickering is crucial to make him happy. Although sex loses its charm after a couple of years, it can be brought back with a little effort.
The trick is to give foreplay the topmost priority, over sex as well. An intimate touch, a sensual caress, and a careless whisper, is all that it takes to restore the love that seems to be fragmented.
Simple compliments, hugs, a romantic message once in a while, a phone to tell him that you love him and being playful, is all it takes to solve the puzzle of a happy marriage. A happy husband makes a wife happy and both together can raise a happy household. Although you may have to initiate the effort, the end will help you realize that it was all worth it!