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How to Make Your Marriage Last Forever

Sheetal Mandora Jan 6, 2019
To make a marriage work, no couple can use the power of magic to make things better in their lives. Every day is a journey that should be taken with your partner...
When you think about it, forever sounds like such a long time. But not when you're with the one you love. Then, the beautiful, precious moments you've spent with them can go by in a blink of an eye. Years seem to fall short and you wish you had more time to do things together, to have each other one more time.
There are some couples who are afraid of making possibly one of the biggest decisions of their lives. Although marriage could seem like a big leap that brings a huge change in your life, it can be one of the sweetest, most beautiful experiences too. There is a lot that can change, but you can rest assured it's not just you.
Two people, coming together bring about this change which quite frankly, is for the better. There are times when marriage doesn't work for some; however, this isn't the case for all. In today's world, the marriage to divorce ratio is tilting and unfortunately, separation is an inevitable destiny in many couples' lives.
But even with this truth, each year there are thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of couples get married because they trust the sanctity of this bond.
So, how can a couple drudge through tough times in their marriage and come out a winner? Is there some happy marriage recipe that every couple should know about? Does a secret recipe or code exist that tells you how a marriage lasts forever? We surely hope so.

What Makes a Marriage Last Forever

There are countless magazines and online quiz sites that ask you 10-20 questions and present generalized results on how you scored. But what they forget to consider is that marriage is neither a game, nor can it be determined based on few questions. Marriage is a journey which a couple takes together without making any demands or putting restraints.

Remember... Arguments will Arise

Every married couple has fights, but that doesn't mean it is time to call it quits. It isn't about how many times you had an argument or disagreement over some things. What matters the most is how you get out of them, clear the air, and move past it. Many times, we find ourselves arguing about the same issues over and over again.
This happens because your disagreements haven't been addressed and you still harbor unresolved issues. When there is pent-up frustration, and you feel that your needs or wants aren't being addressed, you tend to lash out when an argument arises; regardless of what you're discussing.
What you, as a couple, need to focus on is how the arguments are being handled. You might lose temper for a while, say things you didn't want to, and hurt each other's feelings. As these occurrences are common, you can communicate them and try to understand what each of you want when such a situation arises.

Marriage is a Two Way Street

Every one is entitled to his/her opinions, beliefs and choice of living. Our qualities, flaws, desires, likes, dislikes and attributes is what makes us unique; special. These are the very same reasons why you fell in love with your spouse in the first place and that is what is going to give you the drive to live a long, happy married life with one another.
One of the ways to make your marriage last is to understand that you two are in this together and a marriage only works when both of you are willing to make it work. Imagine that you two are handcuffed together and you are supposed to reach a particular destination.
Now if one of those persons is lagging behind, and isn't pushing towards reaching that goal, then it's not a joint effort. Alright, maybe the illustration isn't all that great, but you do understand what we're trying to say.

Always Know Who Your Spouse Is

Many times, during or after a fight or an argument, you may temporarily forget what attracted us to your spouse in the first place. This is very natural as in the heat of the moment, everything else gets disoriented. Which is why, when you have calmed yourself down, what you need to focus on are the things that attracted you to them.
There are millions of little things that occur each day and they can get on your nerves. It is important that you do not misunderstand your spouse, the love of your life and think that they are someone else. Once the heat of an argument has pacified, you can calmly talk to one another and figure things out. Don't forget the love and bond between you two.

Keep the Romance Alive

This may sound like a cliché, but it works. Many couples have noticed that when romance dies in their relationship, so does the old attraction. It may be difficult to be romantic and unpredictable everyday, but we're not talking about doing that.
There are hundreds of responsibilities in our lives and sometimes, finding time alone with your spouse could be tough. But this is where your imagination comes in. A sensual kiss on her neck while she's doing the dishes, hugging him when he's deciding what to wear for work in the morning, and a candlelight dinner when the kids are sleeping.
All these things can bring a couple together, more close than they think. And of course, you have major occasions like birthdays, anniversary, Valentine's day, and other holidays to be creative.
No couple, without investing themselves wholeheartedly can expect to have a loving, lasting relationship. Each day comes as a challenge, and both of you have to take it as they come. In the end, what's left is your undying love for one another. And when you think about it, what more does anyone want than to be loved and cared for.