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How to Plan for a Second Honeymoon

Anuja Marathe Kanhere Mar 14, 2019
It's been a decade since you got married and life has turned into a mundane routine. All you need is some fun to bring the old spark back into your married life. So why not plan a second honeymoon? Here are some fabulous ideas for it.
Children, job responsibilities, paying the bills and an endless list of household responsibilities. Gosh! You always knew these would be the side effects of getting married. Over a period of time, these activities have become so predictable that life doesn't seem fun anymore.
A little of mental flashback and you will remember all those carefree youthful days when you and your spouse did nothing but have fun all by yourselves. Just take it easy, for things have not gone out of hand! Go for an exciting honeymoon and bring the old charm back to you marriage.

It's Time for a Second Honeymoon...

Here are some essential tips for planning your honeymoon.
♥ It is essential for both the partners to take time out to plan their honeymoon together. There needs to be a mutual consent and joint spirit to make the planning successful. Fix the honeymoon days so as they do not clash with any of your important domestic or official commitments.
♥ Make sure to check with your family or friends who might readily pitch in to babysit your children for a few days. Do not pack off your children on a camping trip while on your honeymoon. You might end up worrying about your children instead of having fun with your spouse.
♥ It is important to plan and mark a budget for your getaway in advance. This will help you to find and select destinations within your budget.
♥ Do all the booking and ticketing in advance. This is crucial in order to ensure a smooth honeymoon period. After all, who would want to spoil all the romantic mood by worrying over booking confirmations?
♥ Decide on a destination where both of you would love to go. Do not tightly schedule your trip with lots of sightseeing and shopping activities. Remember, you want a trip to relax together and bring the old magic back into your marriage.
♥ You do not have to do each and every activity together during your holiday. The trip should be planned to accommodate some joint activities as well as some solitary activities for which you previously had no spare time.
♥ Remember some memorable moments from your first honeymoon? What could be more exciting than recreating such moments? e.g. A candlelit dinner for two on the beach.
♥ For those who wish to celebrate their timeless love, there is no better idea than renewing your marital vows. Here you have the option of buying rings especially made for the occasion.

♥ Don't forget to carry a special gift for your spouse as a second wedding night gift.
♥ Make sure to shop for all the romantic things that were highlights of your special moments together. e.g. Aroma candles, aroma oils, etc.

Popular Destinations

So, which could be the best destinations for your honeymoon? Let's find out...
♥ What could be more romantic than the destination of your first honeymoon? Some couples take extra efforts to book themselves into the exactly the same honeymoon suite of the same hotel too. After all, recreating your first honeymoon sounds magical.
♥ If you and your spouse are adventure lovers, then there is nothing more exciting than a trip that gives you some sporty excitement. You can ensure that your itinerary includes some sports activity like mountaineering, camping, rock climbing, bungee jumping, skiing, etc.
♥ For those who love the beaches, there are plenty of options. e.g. Resorts in Caribbean, Bahamas, South East Asia, Maldives, Mauritius and the list is endless.
♥ For those fascinated with forest and natural life, it is a fabulous idea to book yourself a Kenyan safari vacation. Nothing could be as exciting than a night in a forest tree house or a log cabin in the middle of a lake. Forest resorts in central and south India, Africa, South and Central America offer some really wonderful options.
♥ For those who would love to recline and enjoy the beauty of deserts and sand dunes, a holiday in an oasis of Sahara desert, western and central Australia, Rajasthan in India, deserts of California or Mexico would be an exciting idea.
♥ For those who thrive on luxurious holidays, there is nothing more wonderful than checking into one of the best rated luxurious resorts around the world. These are the best places to feel pampered and relaxed.
♥ If you are fascinated with a cruise holiday, there are some enchanting five-star cruise options around the world. The luxurious rooms, the breathtaking views of the ocean are sure to rekindle that lost spark in your love life.
Cruises are one of the best options for planning a honeymoon. e.g. a cruise on River Nile, cruises in southeast Asia or the Mediterranean cruise.

Some Budget Options

And for all those who wish to go on a second honeymoon without splurging too much on a holiday, there are heaps of options too.
It is not always necessary to equate a honeymoon with a long and costly vacation. You can always plan a short weekend just for you and your spouse in the countryside or a nearby beach town.
You may also check out some packaged all-inclusive deals offered by some resorts and traveling agencies or book rent yourself a secluded villa on a virgin beach. e.g. Holidays in Goa (India), Hawaii, Kay West (Florida), Tucson (Arizona), Jamaica, Fiji Islands.
Doesn't the honeymoon idea excite you? Surely it does! And don't forget to click loads of pictures to relive the moments in the future. They shall be the best souvenirs of your trip. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your spouse with a second honeymoon.